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Johannesburg (also known as Jozi, Jo'burg, eGoli, and Joeys, and abbreviated as JHB) is the largest city in South Africa.

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3 votes
2 answers

I am coming from Uganda and traveling to Swaziland but will take a bus from Johannesburg to Swaziland. Do I need a transit visa?

Am traveling to Swaziland by bus but coming in through Johannesburg. Do I need a transit visa? I am from Uganda.
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How safe it is for a dog to go through Johannesburg Airport customs?

Need to ship pure breed dog from US to Johannesburg, SA. I've heard a lot about high level of luggage theft at Johannesburg airport. Does this also apply to animals being transported? If so, is there ...
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Connecting flights in johannesburg? [duplicate]

I am flying from London to Maun botswana and changing in johannesburg. I have bought two seperate tickets and have a 2 hour stop over. I am only taking hand luggage but will i need to exit customs ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Which is the International Airport in Johannesburg?

There seem to be two airports : Johannesburg International,South Africa [JNB] and Johannesburg Grand Central,South Africa [GCJ] Is there a difference between the two? I'll be traveling from India ...
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Baggage check through Johannesburg

I will be flying to Windhoek from Dublin through Johannesburg in August with British Airways. We are flying Comair to Windhoek. Will I need to collect my bag and recheck it again?
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19 votes
3 answers

Staying in Johannesburg for a few months: how safe am I as a white person?

South Africa has always fascinated me, due to its insane history. I've thought about doing an internship there, and I've now wanted to gather a bit more information. How safe am I, as a Caucasian ...
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International connections in OR Tambo Airport, Johannesburg

Travelling from London, Heathrow to Lusaka, via Jo'burg, how much time should we allow for the international connection in Jo'burg? Is it a matter of arriving at one gate and leaving at another, or ...
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How many laptops a visitor can take out of US to Dubai on Emirates flight?

I have a 5-year multiple entry visa. I came to visit my family in Atlanta. My outgoing flight is from JFK to Dubai and then from there to Johannesburg. Can I take five laptops with me in my carry-...
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