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OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Will gate agents in London know if I'm "undesirable" before my stop-over in Johannesburg? [duplicate]

I was recently deemed "undesirable" in South Africa for overstaying my visa. I want to visit my South African fiance in Botswana but all of the affordable flights stop at OR Tambo. Will the gate ...
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Johannesburg airport international transfers with baggage not checked through

We are flying to Jo'burg with BA and then on to Madagascar with SAA (3 hrs later). BA will not check the baggage through to my final destination. We could travel with carry-on baggage only on BA but ...
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Transit in Johannesburg

I will be flying on SA Airlink flight from Swaziland to Johannesburg and on Emirates from Johannesburg to Pakistan. Transit time at O.R. Tambo is 4 hours. I want to know if Airline will transfer my ...
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Do I require a South African transit visa?

I am a Nigerian IT expatriate who lives and works in Malaysia. I am currently in Harare, Zimbabwe for two weeks. I will be flying South African Airways from Harare -> Johannesburg -> Doha -> Malaysia. ...
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Connecting through Abu Dhabi with Etihad and Virgin Australia

I'm looking at a flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Auckland, New Zealand. The route is Johannesburg to Abu Dhbai with Etihad Airways (EY). Then there is a connecting flight to Sydney operated ...
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Connection in Johannesburg - Can I leave the airport with a Brazilian passport?

I have a flight with a connection in Johannesburg, where I'll need to wait for 12 hours for the next departure. I was told by a friend that it's not allowed for people to leave the airport. Is it true?...
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Managing baggage in transit at OR Johannesburg airport, to prevent theft and tampering

I have an 8 hour wait for an international transfer at Johannesburg airport and will be changing airlines. I am very concerned about the stories of theft and tampering of luggage at this airport. ...
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Direct bus from Johannesburg Airport to Mbabane

I'm heading to Mbabane shortly. I'm flying into Johannesburg and someone mentioned that there was a direct bus from Johannesburg Airport to Mbabane. Can anyone confirm this?
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How bad is baggage theft at Johannesburg airport?

South Africa's Johannesburg's airport has a reputation for stolen and rifled baggage and a quick Google search returns many travelers reporting similar stories. My question, is how bad is the ...
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