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Questions tagged [japanese-visitors]

Questions involving Japanese people that aren't of a legal nature.

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What duties and taxes would I pay in Canada on a camera from Japan?

I'm visiting Japan right now (I'm a Canadian resident) and am considering picking up a digital camera (second-hand, if that matters). The value of the camera would exceed the 800-dollar personal ...
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Can I visit japan again this year after I’ve visited 105 days but was given 2 90 day visit passport

Can I go to japan after I was given 2 90 day stickers in my passport but only stayed 104 days total? One visit 90 days and the second 2 weeks. I did not have my return flight at the time of my entry ...
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What is the best way to learn & understand Japan's transportation system before arriving [closed]

I'm traveling to Japan in March and will be staying for 2 weeks. I plan on using public transportation + car rental to travel and see as much as I can (recommendations welcome as well!) and I have ...
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Tourism on Business Visa in Japan

I have a "multiple entry Business Visa" expiring in 2021. I wish to visit Japan for the purpose of tourism (or maybe to watch the Olympics in 2020). I have absolutely nothing to do with the business ...
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transiting through Narita airport with less than 6 month passport validity

I will be transiting through NRT on DEL-NRT-SFO route. The onwrd flight is on the same calender day after 4 hr. stop in NRT in the afternoon but my passport at that time will only hvae 4 months ...
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Internship in Japan [closed]

I'm an Indian citizen and a final year student pursuing a bachelor degree. I plan to do a summer internship in Japan around May-July. My official graduation date is June, but I get my physical degree ...
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4 votes
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Visa Requirement - At least 2 spread blank visa pages

I have recently come across the Passport Requirement at the Consulate of Japan in Sydney's website asking for at least 2 spread blank visa pages. I am a bit confused with this as i do have several ...
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1 answer

Proof of return for Japanese visa

I am an Indian national, currently working at a software company. I will be leaving it on August 15. On August 16, I'll be traveling to Kyoto for a summer school where I'll stay until September 2. ...
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2 answers

Student travelling to Japan for short term visa requirements

I am student traveling to Japan to work on a collaborative project in a Japanese university for less than 60 days. I hold F-1 visa and my country of origin does not have visa free entry to Japan. I am ...
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Is it generally true that Japanese people are more reluctant to help Asian compared to Western foreigners? [closed]

I had the feeling while travelling in Japan that Japanese people in general (apart from those working at shops or public transport or accommodations) seem to show a little bit more reservation and ...
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Are Japanese women visiting middle eastern countries at risk of being seen as "easy"? [closed]

I've heard that in some (but not all!) areas in the middle east, there's a stereotype held by some (but not all!) that western women are easy. From The Arab myth of western women by Khaled Diab: In ...
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7 votes
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Are there any Australian war memorials I shouldn't take Japanese visitors to? [closed]

I'm planning on sightseeing Melbourne with someone who is Japanese. I was browsing Trip Advisor's top attractions for Melbourne, and site number five was the Shrine of Remembrance. I'm not after ...
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