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Istanbul Airport (IATA: IST, ICAO: LTFM) is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey. It is located in the Arnavutköy district on the European side of the city.

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Self-transfer at Istanbul Airport [duplicate]

I’ve been looking everywhere, however I have been unable to find an answer to this. On Thursday I arrive into Istanbul (IST) at 17.45 (BA) and my next flight is on Flyadeal at 21.35. I already have a ...
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Is it possible to self-connect at IST without going through passport control?

I’m considering booking a trip involving two separate bookings with a connection in Istanbul (IST) on different airlines. I’m aware of the risks involved, and am eligible to enter Turkey visa-free if ...
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Transit Visa for Indian Citizen in Istanbul

I am an Indian citizen living in the US on an H-1B visa. I am travelling back to India from the US via Istanbul on a Turkish airlines single ticket. My stopover is ~3 hours only. Do I need a transit ...
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Are Istanbul Airport smoking lounges open during the COVID restrictions? [closed]

Are the smoking lounges in the international departures airside of Istanbul airport operational during this time? Are any restaurants selling alcoholic beverages as of right now in October 2020?
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Do I have to handle my bags when transiting in Istanbul?

I booked a flight from Fiji to the UK via Auckland - Hong Kong - Istanbul - Gatwick. Do I have to claim my baggage in Hong Kong? We will change airlines there from Air NZ to Turkish Air.
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New Istanbul Airport and 1 hour for change from domestic flight to international flight

So I will have exactly one hour between flights on IST airport. Different reservations, no guarantee for missed flight. Turkish Airlines domestic inbound 16:30 <-> LOT Polish Airlines ...
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Does a US Citizen need a visa to leave the Istanbul airport?

I am traveling from the United States and my layover in Istanbul is 24hrs (Turkish Airlines). Do I need a visa to leave the airport? If so how much is it?
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New Istanbul airport international transfer with Turkish Airlines 1hr 5mins enough?

I am hoping that I can get some advice as I am considering to book a flight with Turkish Airlines from London to Luxor, Egypt with a transfer at the new Istanbul Airport- the transfer time at ...
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1 Hour 10 Minute Connection in New Istanbul Airport

We are flying DUB-TLV on TK, and have only just over an hour to connect in Istanbul. I wouldn’t be worried typically, but the Dublin flight has been late around 75% of the time recently, which makes ...
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Why do Turkish Airlines gate agents at Istanbul Airport take photos of passenger passports?

The gate agents of Turkish Airlines have point-and-shoot digital cameras with which they take photos of passenger passports. They did not ask for permission to do that nor provided a reason. Any idea ...
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Transit for 19 hours in Istanbul airport, can I go to a hotel [closed]

I will be in airport turkey for 19 hours en route to Bishkek and Mongolia. Can I go to a hotel to sleep?
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2h 20m layover at Istanbul Airport (IST) [duplicate]

I am a Bangladesh passport holder and a Canadian permanent resident. On my way from Dhaka Airport (DAC) to Toronto Airport (YYZ) one of my layovers will be at Istanbul Airport (IST) for 2 hour 20 ...
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connecting flight at new istanbul airport

Does anyone have experience catching an international connecting flight at the newly opened Istanbul airport? I'm using Turkish Airlines and, barring any delays, have 1h35min layover. Any experience/...
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London Gatwick to Tibilisi via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines

We are travelling in May 2019 from London Gatwick to Tibilisi via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. Is travelling through the airport any easier now? We have 1 hour and 50 minute layover, is that enough ...
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Can I have my luggage transferred in Istanbul without me claiming and rechecking it myself for a transit trip?

I have a flight to Istanbul via Saudi Airlines, and from there to Moldova via Air Moldova. The tickets are separate, and so my question is, since I don't have Turkish visa and I can't claim and ...
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How will transit work for people connecting in Istanbul, if they arrive on the last day of operations at Ataturk Airport?

According to Do I need a Turkey transit visa for a layover?, one doesn't need a transit visa for Turkey if one isn't leaving the airside area of the airport. Say that a citizen of a country that ...
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Under what conditions does Turkish Airlines provide a free hotel room to passengers on a long layover?

I have more than 12 hours transit time at Ataturk airport by Turkish airlines .. does company provide me a room or just stay at airport hall ,, and provide nothing?
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