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A British Crown Dependency in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland.

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5 votes
1 answer

Do I need a visa to the Isle of Man if I have a UK visa?

Does the UK visa work on the Isle of Man?
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1 answer

Isle of Man Camping (IOM TT Specific)

I booked a trip late to attend the Isle of Man TT. As far as I see it now, every place that allows in advance online booking for a campsite has already been taken. Is there any way I can book a ...
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Early boarding and late disembarking for the night-time Heysham – Isle of Man ferry (foot passenger)

The night-time ferry from Heysham to the Isle of Man departs 02:15 and arrives 06:00. As a foot passenger, what is the earliest I can enter the ferry? And when do I need to vacate the cabin by the ...
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UK Tier-2 visa holder

I am an Indian national and hold a Tier-2 work visa and a BRP card. Can I travel, without requiring a visa, to the Isle of Man?
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Exploring Mainland UK with an Isle of man visa

I'm from India. Recently I've applied for the Isle of Man - UK visa for some official purpose. I intended to stay at london over the weekend to explore the city. I expected to receive the UK Visa as ...
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Sail & Rail to from Ireland to the Isle of Man

I've often used Sail&Rail tickets to travel between Ireland and the UK. Seat61 tells me that Sail&Rail is also available from the UK to the Isle of Man. However, I cannot find out whether I ...
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