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Questions on traveling to this country in the Middle East.

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US visa appointment

I am a British Citizen. I visited Iraq few days ago. I understand that I need a visa for the US now. I have applied for the visa but the interview appointments are for September 2024. Would they open ...
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Transit visa for Italy when going to Germany

I want to travel to Germany, I'm Iraqi and live in UK with valid UK residence and Valid UK travel document. I found Ryanair has good price to travel to Germany. According to the list of countries that ...
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308 views website is safe or not?

Anyone bought ticket from site for Iraq, is it safe ?, and when you pay by credit card , can you print the issued ticket immediadetely after the purchase?
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I have an F1 US student Visa. Will I get in trouble visiting Iraqi Kurdistan when I come back to the US?

Question says it all. I am from Europe but I go to school in the US. I graduate this year and I thought about visiting Iraqi Kurdistan this year, before I graduate. My question is, will I get in ...
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How safe is it to go to Baghdad? [closed]

How safe is it to go to current day Baghdad as a tall American white dude who speaks only English? Safe in terms of bodily harm, abduction and/or robbery. Can I roam around in tourist areas of ...
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Dutch citizen with USA B1/B2 visa: invalidated after Iraq visit?

I have obtained, as a Dutch citizen, a B1/B2 visa for the USA recently and plan to travel for business to Iraq in the coming weeks. Would the visit invalidate my 10 years valid B1/B2?
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Does visiting Iraq or Iran invalidate an existing B1/B2 visa?

I understand that nationalities eligible for VWP cannot enter the US without seeking clearance and obtaining a sticker visa from US embassies if they have travelled to Iran, Iraq, Syria & Sudan ...
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Can I get a visa to transit Dubai while I'm in Iraq as a tourist?

I am Indian national, living in Muscat, Oman and plan to travel to Najaf, Iraq via Dubai. In advance, I will go online and get single exit/re-entry visa for Dubai. After staying 14 days in Dubai, I ...
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Is it safe to travel to Iraqi Kurdistan? [closed]

Considering the current situation with ISIS in Iraq, is it safe for U.S. citizens to travel to Erbil and other major cities (Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah) in the Kurdish provinces in Iraq? Are there any U....
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Flight path over a war zone, such as Syria and Iraq in 2015

I recently flew from Bahrain to Heathrow via Gulf-Air. I noticed on the flat screen at the back of the seat that the route showed going over Iraq and Syria which is an active war zone. After what ...
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Is it currently possible to travel directly between the different parts of "Kurdistan" which lie within different countries?

Kurdistan is an ethno-cultural region within parts of several connected countries. It's basically the part of the world where the Kurds come from, but is not a country or nation. The parts are mainly ...
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Pre-war travel ban

Reading a wikipedia article on the invasion in Iraq I saw something about a pre-war travel ban. Googling it I only found one news article relating to that. I know that some ministries of foreign ...
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Is it possible to hire a tour guy through Iraq with a film crew for a documentary film on Iraq ancient history?

We have three people working on a film in Iraq. We would like to do it with a guide. We have 2 cameras for est. $6000 each, which is a safety concern. We plan to make shots in bigger cities but ...
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Will I have a problem travelling to USA with a month old Iraqi visa?

I plan to travel to America a month after I've travelled to Iraq .... will this cause me a problem on arrival in America?
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