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US visa appointment

I am a British Citizen. I visited Iraq few days ago. I understand that I need a visa for the US now. I have applied for the visa but the interview appointments are for September 2024. Would they open ...
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H1B Visa interview in India

Good morning. I am trying to schedule the interview for my H1B visa extension during my next vacation to India. I am using this link - ...
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US B1/B2 visa renewal - consulate interview questions

I'm renewing my b1/b2 visa in another country where I currently live, 10 years after the previous one. Had my original appointment when the pandemic started so they pushed all of them for 2023. Do I ...
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How to answer "Where are traveling from/coming from" at US airport?

If I'm from Bulgaria and my first flight is from Bulgaria to Germany, and after a few hours second flight is from Germany to the US airport. In that case what should I answer to the US custom officer ...
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My appointment at the US Embassy in Abuja has been cancelled - now what?

I have an appointment scheduled for Monday 24th of October 2022 in Abuja, I just got a message which said that my interview had been cancelled without any clue about when I will be rescheduled again. ...
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Can I change my flight and travel dates before my B2 Visa interview?

I overstayed my US ESTA visa by about 90 days when I went over with my American now ex girlfriend (long story). I wasn't working while I was over there and she was funding my stay at the time. Long ...
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6 answers

C1/D (Merchant Marine) Visa Holder Entry in the US: Being selected for Secondary Screening & interview [closed]

I am Greek and a professional seaman or as the term goes in the US, a "merchant marine." To be more precise, I work on board ocean-going vessels as a Chief Officer AKA "First Officer&...
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Does cancelling F-1 visa extension interview void my current visa?

The end date on my I-20 is May 2023. My current F-1 visa expires in June 2022. I scheduled an interview to extend my visa on the 9th of May 2022, but due to personal reasons I cannot attend that. ...
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Wrong country of passport issuance on DS-160 Form

I submitted an application for a US visa as a Turkish citizen (although I was born and raised in Germany) on a DS-160 Form at the US consulate in Munich, Germany. However, I made a small mistake: when ...
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US C1 visa arrival location change

I'm on my way to Colombia via the US on a C1 Transit visa, listed Detroit on my application, since that was the original travel plan. Now, though, I am not able to go through Detroit and will go ...
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Is it allowed to look for a job (not work) while I'm in the US under Visa Waiver Program [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I know there are similar questions here already but the answers are a bit conflicting and I didn't find quite the same question I have. Most were also quite old. I know that during ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Can I reenter UK on a Standard Visitor Visa granted for a job interview

I applied for, and was granted a UK Standard Visitor Visa (MULT) valid from October 2019 to April 2020 (6 months validity) This was for a job interview (Company A),I visited the UK in October and ...
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1 answer

Girlfriend from Hong Kong told interviewer for her B2 visa to the US that we were not dating

Will this be a problem if she tells immigration that we are dating? Will she be denied entry for this even though a B2 visa allows you to visit boyfriend/girlfriends?
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How much i need in order to be granted the Schengen visa?

How much i need in my bank account in order to be granted the Schengen visa? Probably i will apply for a single entry visa, because it will be my first Schengen visa apply. I want to travel Czech ...
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UK landing interview [closed]

About six months ago I entered the UK the second time on my visitor visa which I've already used once. In my landing interview, the border staff asked how many days I've stayed in the UK for my last ...
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3 votes
0 answers

CBP Global Entry/SENTRI interviewing procedures for applicants with ASD?

My family have just received conditional approval for SENTRI, and now are looking at booking our interviews. I am aware that children under 18 are interviewed with a parent present, however one of ...
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CBP Receipt - H1 Visa Interview

I had my visa interview today and the visa interviewer asked me for a CBP receipt which I received in 2012. I had carried some food items and received a $300 ticket at the US port of entry. How do I ...
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