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People who have historical ties to a particular territory and are culturally or historically distinct from other majority populations in the area.

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Indigenous sites, museums or cultural centers along the road between Albuquerque and Moab?

I will be travelling in the U.S. with my family in April. We will travel by car from Texas to Utah, most likely via Albuquerque. We would like to visit an Indigenous site, museum or cultural center ...
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Etiquette when staying with an indigenous community

Later this year I'm going to Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil where I'm planning to stay for few days with an indigenous community by the Urubu river. It's not really an organized tour, my friend ...
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Native American history in New England

I'm vacationing to the Boston area for a week and am interested in Native American history and culture. There's plenty of historic colonial landmarks and museums, but I can't seem to find the ...
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Parts of Australia that aren't dominated by white Australians that are easy for tourists to visit [duplicate]

Basically, this question but for Australia. When I visited Alice Springs, while I was able to meet and exchange pleasantries a bit with Aborigines, virtually all of the staff I interacted with were ...
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Where is the jetty where you take the boat to visit the Embera communities?

There are a lot of tour to visit Embera communities from Panama City, but in some blog posts (like this in Spanish) I've read that you can get there on your own using public transport to the jetty and ...
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Where can I have a genuine Ainu cultural experience in Hokkaido? (or Tokyo!) [duplicate]

I've asked similar questions in the past about how to immerse in or at least experience in an authentic way, the indigenous cultures of the Australian aborigines and the New Zealand Maoris. I've now ...
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Where can I have a genuine Ainu cultural experience in Hokkaido?

During my next trip to Japan I may end up in Hokkaido. I've read something about this mysterious indigenous group called Ainu/Aynu/Aino/Ezo, but I must admit my understanding of the whole thing is ...
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Where can I find guided tours of Australia by indigenous people?

Where can I find guided tours of Australia by Aboriginal persons, or organisations, ideally where profits go back into helping or preserving the local people and/or landmarks? I would love to see ...
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Are there any travel experiences in Australia that offer aboriginal (or Torres Strait) “cultural immersion”?

I am wondering if it's possible for a traveller in Australia to immerse in aboriginal culture, or Torres Strait Islander culture. By "immerse" I mean stay in a traditional aboriginal area where ...
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Are there any travel experiences in New Zealand that offer a Maori "cultural immersion"?

I am wondering if it's possible to travel to New Zealand as a tourist and immerse in Maori culture. By this I mean homestay in a traditional Maori area where people speak the language on an everyday ...
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