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Questions regarding traveling to and through the State of Indiana

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Are there any big junkyards near Indianapolis?

Are there any big (and preferably abandoned) junkyards near Indianapolis, IN or Bloomington, IN? I'm looking for something like this (not necessarily that big): My research in Google and on Google ...
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Any ride-sharing services for getting from Indiana to Texas?

I'm trying to get to Texas. I have family that I need to get to. Is there any app or website where one can hitch a ride with people driving this route?
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Greyhound bus tracker - No schedules found

According to the Greyhound website (if you search through "book a trip"), there are 3 buses every day from Bloomington, IN to Indianapolis, IN: It looks like the schedule numbers are constant and do ...
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How to deal with the case of being out of state (for months) when driver's license expires?

I will drive to California and spend the whole summer (May 20---Aug.20) there and then go back to Indiana. Unfortunately, my driver's license (Indiana) will expire on July 14 before I return. I can't ...
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How to travel from Chicago International Airport to Bloomington, IN [closed]

A friend of mine is travelling to US for first time. She is planning to land at O'Hare Chicago Intl. airport and from there she will be travelling to Bloomington, IN. Flight tickets from her source ...
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Getting from Bloomington to Indianapolis Airport for an early flight?

Is there any way to get from Bloomington (Indiana) to Indianapolis Airport for an early flight (pre-7am) by public transport? My normal go-to for this sort of thing is Google Maps, but that doesn't ...
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What artsy/museumy/culturalish stuff is there to do in Indianapolis?

I am currently residing in Indy and may not be here for a huge amount longer. That being said, I am a huge fan of museums and the like but feel like I've more or less seen all there is for me to see, ...
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