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A tax collected on imports and some exports by the customs authorities of a country.

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Import one bottle of liquor to the US

I'm going to a trip to the US (California to be precise) and would like to bring a bottle of liquor (1 l, ~40%) as a present. It is not a commercial brand and as such has no official etiquette. I ...
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Could I enter Canada with more alcohol than the tax-free limit and pay at the arrival?

I am going to Canada and I would like to bring some specific local alcohol that is apparently not sold in Canada (at least not at the LCBO I would go to). I would like to bring enough for a party of a ...
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Duty exemption for non-resident aliens [closed]

I would like to bring food (i.e. milk chocolate, cookies, ...) back from my home country (France) into the US. I don't go home often, so I'd like to bring back about $200 worth of food items. I am ...
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Carrying two iPads (and other electronics) to India from USA [duplicate]

I will be taking two iPads (one iPad Air and one iPad Mini) to India from the USA. One of them I bought in India (I have the receipt) and one I bought while in the US. I am not carrying a laptop with ...
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Duty on electronics when arriving to Argentina

A friend is traveling to Buenos Aires from the US, bringing both his personal notebook, and a new one for a relative. As I understand it, he'll have to pay 50% of the value of the new one (not sure ...
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How do custom officers determine if the imported goods of a passenger are old or newly bought?

Almost all countries levy custom duties (with an allowance) on imported goods by passengers, such as electronics, clothes, etc., that have been bought from outside that country and are intended to ...
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Can I take two rings to Canada without paying any fee?

I'm going to travel to Canada and stay there for a long time. I want to buy two rings (the total value is less than 1000 CAD) for my wife and myself, and take them with me to Canada. Besides reporting ...
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Carrying two laptops to India - will I have to pay duty? [duplicate]

I went to the U.S. on a business trip for 3 days. After reaching there, I purchased a laptop to do my business work. However, the very next day, my company provided me a new work laptop, and I had no ...
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How many iPhones can I bring to India? [duplicate]

I have a confusion regarding the number of phones i can carry with me . As the iphone is cheaper in usa compared to india i wish to carry many iphone's with me (what is the max limit) . I also do not ...
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Taking electronic equipment to India from USA

I am planning to take a digital oscilloscope from USA to India which I brought on ebay for about USD 500. The usual cost of the scope can be couple of 1000 dollars. Can anyone advise what will the ...
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When you're not able to pay custom duty in the airport

I heard about custom duties (tax) we have to pay when we purchase something from another nation (in own country it may included in bill, for instance in India added as VAT - Value Added Tax). So for ...
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How many laptops can I take on an international flight from the US to Europe?

I am wondering how many laptops I can take from the U.S. to Europe – of course within baggage – but what about declaration value? What if I took 15 stacked in a suitcase, each worth $70? That is only ...
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Can a someone with a tourist visa import a caravan or motorhome into New Zealand?

We are going to travel around New Zealand for 9 months next year with our 3 kids. The plan is to tour mostly by caravan or RV. The most economical choice would be to purchase a caravan when we get ...
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PlayStation 4 from UK to India will I have to pay customs duty? [duplicate]

I bought a PS4 in UK and I've been using it for close to two and a half weeks here and I'm taking it back to India so will I have to pay them? There are no boxes, just the console in one suitcase ...
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Are you able to bring bagels into South Korea on a flight?

My friend is going to NYC for a week. Currently in South Korea, we want to share the lovely NYC/NJ bagel. Assuming my friend packs the bagel in a airtight container to keep freshness, what is the ...
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How many laptops can I carry to India from Australia without Duty [duplicate]

I am travelling to Australia on SC 400 Visa and have will have a short stay of 40 days or below. I have to carry an office laptop with me. I also have a personal laptop. I am planning to buy a ...
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What is the import/export tariff cost from Poland to USA and from USA to Poland?

I plan on buying shoes and clothes with the intention of transporting them to USA. I am wondering how much tax I will have to pay to transfer these products? If my shoes are not in the boxes and ...
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