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Questions tagged [import-taxes]

A tax collected on imports and some exports by the customs authorities of a country.

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Importing bicycle to the US?

I am thinking about importing a used bike into the US and wondering if I would have to pay import tax (and what the rate would be). I live in the US and a bike that I had there got stolen some time ...
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VAT/Customs when receiving an item from the US in another EU country (on holiday)

I'm a resident of Denmark travelling to the UK for a holiday. Here, I will be receiving an item bought online in the US. FedEx has applied the UK VAT of approx 800 USD, whereas the VAT in Denmark ...
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Do I need to include foreign VAT while declaring goods for personal use at UK customs?

Suppose I buy personal goods worth 4500 AED (1000 GBP approx) in UAE and arrive at the UK. I am a UK resident. Now suppose that I have paid an additional 225 AED (50 GBP approx) as VAT in UAE. So the ...
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Selling an imported second hand motorcycle in Pakistan

I'm planning a motorcycle road trip from Thailand to Pakistan for next year, buying the bike in Thailand and then selling it in Pakistan when the trip is done, however my Pakistani friend mentioned ...
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Can I import personal electronics from India to Bangladesh while traveling?

I am from Bangladesh and I am planning a trip to India. I also have a plan to buy an iPhone when I am in India, as the price in Bangladesh is higher than in India. Now, my questions are: can I get the ...
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Importing video games into the EU

So I’m moving Back to the EU in July, from the US where I’ve been living for seven years. I have a lot of video games that I would like to bring with me. Considering that I own multiple game systems, ...
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Can I purchase religious items from Rome to resell at my business in the US? Am I limited on how much (value of the products) that I can bring?

I own a religious store in the United States and will be traveling to Rome for my wedding anniversary with my husband. I want to take advantage of being there and shop for items I can sell in my store....
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UK tax on an amber painting coming from abroad

Unsure if this is in the right section of Stack Exchange but, I have a family member coming to the UK (from outside of the EU) in the near immediate future. They will be bringing a painting with them ...
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