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Retrieve confirmation ID for visa appointment in Burundi [duplicate]

I booked a USA visa appointment for Burundi but did not save the confirmation ID. How can I retrieve it?
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Can you travel without ID to another country to get to your passport country's embassy if there is none in the current country (Europe)?

I am trying to find a plausible answer to a question about a scenario in a movie that involves travel across borders in Europe and what is possible in real life. Question: If I am in a country that ...
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Mistake on ESTA application

I made my ESTA application to visit the USA, in a few weeks. Although my application has been approved, I saw later a mistake at the NIN (National Identification Number). That is my country ID (Europe)...
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flying from US to Canada with a New York state license?

I have a regular New York state license. can I fly from New York to Canada with my license as ID?
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ID for UK to Ireland travel

My partner and our children would like to book a crossing from UK to Ireland in the next few weeks. I understand ID is required. I have not got a driving licence but I have an expired passport (13 of ...
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Wrong ID expiration date entered on Kiwi reservation

When I made a reservation for a return flight with WizzAir from Romania to Italy through Kiwi I entered the wrong expiration date, not something big, but a typo. The date that was entered was 10.10....
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Booking plane ticket with EU, ID card or passport?

When flying to the EU from a non-EU country should I use for the booking my EU ID card or passport? Could there be a problem when checking in on the airport with EU ID card only? Example: Flying from ...
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Is a Dutch ID card still valid for travel to the UK after Brexit?

Before Brexit, a Dutch ID card was valid to travel to the UK. Since Brexit, I'm not sure. I hear conflicting information. Some claim an ID card is still OK, others say a passport is needed. Can ...
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