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Questions tagged [iata]

For questions about the International Air Transport Association [IATA]'s codes as commonly used to specify airports and airlines.

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Can someone help me check Timatic?

I’m seeking help from airline staff or someone who has access to Timatic, the system that is used by airlines to check visa entry requirements. I know I have access to IATA online to check visa entry ...
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Where can I find the log of IATA code changes for airports with their dates?

The IATA code for an airport sometimes change. E.g., IDL was changed to JFK. Where can I find the log of IATA code changes, preferably with the dates of the code changes?
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Can I travel through Greece with UK emergency travel document/passport

I was traveling from South Africa to the United Kingdom through Greece.UK embassy and Greek Embassy prior to purchasing the ticket confirmed the emergency passport was valid for entry, transit and ...
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What's "Q" in the airline IATA codes?

According to, Jetstar Airline has the IATA code "JQ". Singapore airline is SQ. Neither of them have the letter "Q" in their name, so what does it stand for?
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Visa requirements for visiting Albania as detailed in IATA

According to the IATA Visa Checker as noted via "Skyteam", and as captured below, visa to enter Albania is not required for passengers holding UAE residence permit "please see the ...
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What is the difference between regular IATA number and IATA TIDS?

I am a software developer and trying to understand the aviation domain because I see some very interesting opportunities after seeing airlines adopting NDC standard for their distribution. I am trying ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What is the official Flight ID syntax for a IATA-formatted flight code? With space or without?

If we focus on 2-letter IATA flight codes (discard 3-letter ICAO for this question), we see them half the time written with space and the other half without space. I'm doing documentation for ...
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Which rules are applied If a passenger wants to get off from LHO (live human organ) carrying aircraft, during taxi?

Which rules are applied If a passenger wants to get off from LHO (live human organ) carrying aircraft, during taxi? Is the passenger get off from aircraft? Or Is priority given to LHO? Is there an ...
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IATA rule regarding passenger right to drinking water [duplicate]

As we know, according to IATA passengers allowed to carry no more than 100 ml of liquids on board. Yet when traveling with low-cost airlines, you are not offered any water on board. This is quite ...
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One-way ticket travelling to EU with non-EU wife and children

I am a Greek citizen, my wife is Colombian (does not require a visa to enter the union for 90 days), our children are Australian citizens (they don't require a visa to enter the union for 90 days) (...
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Are IATA's guidelines mandatory for its airline members?

Recently I read this IATA article about new guidelines to optimize the accommodation of carry-on bags (that is, shrink carry-on's allowed size). It worried me. Should it ever be enforced, passengers ...
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