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Landlocked country in Central Europe. The capital and largest city is Budapest, the official language is Hungarian, also known as Magyar.

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How widely accepted are Euros in Hungary and how bad is the exchange rate practiced by shops/hotels?

The official currency of Hungary is the Forint but so far everything I have looked for prices online, such as trains, buses and taxis, are quoted in Euros and Forints. Hotel reservation asked that I ...
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No exit stamp on leaving Schengen area from Budapest to UK

I'm a Georgian national holding a multiple entry Schengen visa. Last summer I was traveling to Hungary, spent a few days there, then flew to the UK. The Hungarian border official did NOT stamp my ...
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What is cheapest phone option for a short trip to Europe?

I'm leaving for Europe in a couple days. I'm spending a few days in England and then a few days in Hungary before returning to the US. Unfortunately, I have not given much thought to my phone/internet ...
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Travel without an Italian residence permit in the Schengen area

I'm a non-EU citizen, and I'm studying in Italy. I traveled to Hungary last week with Ryanair from Italy. I showed them my passport, residence permit and Italian identity card. Everything was OK. But ...
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Can you travel to the EU with an expiring US passport + EU identification card?

My wife is a dual citizen of the US and Hungary. She has a US passport that expires within 3 months and a Hungarian national ID card. Flight is today and there's no way she can get her US passport ...
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Inter-country one-way car rental in Europe?

I'd like to rent a car in Germany, drive to Hungary, and return the car there. Do any car rental agencies allow such a thing (without an enormous fee)? I'd consider a fee less than 1-2 days ...
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Is it safe to take prescription drugs to Hungary?

I am traveling to Budapest. I plan to bring a prescription drug, specifically bupropion (Wellbutrin). It's in the original container with my name on it, and also I have the official prescription ...
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Are train tickets in Hungary cheaper if bought in advance?

I will be travelling from London to Debrecen via Budapest next Sunday and I would like to know whether it's best to book my Budapest-Debrecen train in advance or directly in the station. My flight ...
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How can I get EU Digital COVID Certificate?

I was vaccinated with AstraZeneca in Uzbekistan. I have a vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate is accepted by Hungary and currently, I am studying in Hungary. Is it possible to get EU ...
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Can I travel with just my Czech Republic ID card from Serbia to Budapest?

I have lost my passport here in Beograd. Can I travel just with my Czech ID card from Belgrade to Budapest?
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With National Visa D for Hungary, can I stay a couple of days in another Schengen country before arriving Hungary?

I've got the National D visa for Hungary for studies. I am from Peru. The best price for me is taking Air Europa Lima-Madrid-Amsterdam ticket and from there I would need to change of terminal, take my ...
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