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When is Houston’s Hurricane Season?

We are thinking of a visit to Houston on family business in or around October. Is this still hurricane season? Would we be less likely to encounter hurricanes if we delay until November, or even ...
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Spending pesos at IAH

I have a layover in Houston on the way back from Mexico, and I have a small amount of money left in pesos. Will I be able to buy food with pesos in the airport, or would I have to exchange them first?
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What are the public transport options to Johnson Space Center from Houston Downtown?

I'll be spending a couple days in downtown Houston, and would not miss a trip to Johnson Space Center for the world. However, it is quite far outside the city, and I was wondering what are the public ...
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Economical yet reliable option to travel to IAH airport from around Houston

What are some of the economical (cheapest) yet reliable option to travel from around Houston, Texas area to IAH Georgebush Intercontinental Airport. Update: To be very exact I am looking for options ...
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Toronto - Quito via Cleveland and Houston, do I check in for every flight?

I am a bit confused... I am an Ecuadorian citizen and I hold a US tourist Visa and a Canadian temporary residency visa... I bought a ticket from Toronto to Quito on United's website... My intinerary ...
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Alternate routes to travel from Houston International airport to Lafayette, Louisiana

I have a flight reaching Houston International airport at 14:00 hrs. I have a connecting flight within 1hr and 30 mins. If I miss this flight due to immigration and customs delay, I would like to know ...
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I am flying Mexico-Frankfurt but I connect flights in Houston, do I need a special permit if I already have a visa [duplicate]

I am flying Mexico-Frankfurt but I connect flights in Houston. Do I need a special permit if I already have a visa? I can't remember if I had to get one on my past travels.
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Can I buy a Houston METRO Q Fare Card at the airport?

Is it possible to buy a METRO Q Fare card in or near the George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas? The METRO web site provides a list of retailers which sell these cards, but I don't know ...
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