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A world-wide hostel booking website on the Internet. HostelBookers and are also owned and operated by the same parent company (Web Reservations International).

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Hostelworld cancellation after checkout

I booked a stay at a property they Hostelworld, completed the stay (even adding extra night) and checkout as normal. Several hours after checkout I get an email from Hostelworld “As requested, your ...
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Booked a hostel via Hostelworld on non-refundable rate. Cannot make it there due to missed connection. What happens next?

I booked a hostel on a cheap non-refundable rate via Hostelworld, for a stopover of one night only. Hostelworld charges a small deposit. The remainder is to pay at the property once there, even in the ...
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Doubt Regarding cancellation of hotel in [closed]

The above screenshot is from, in the site it was mentioned free cancellation but while booking it again displayed Payable Now:US$49.46, so this amount we have to pay now to to reserve ...
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My friend booked hostel by his name for us (2 beds). Can I use that document for a Schengen visa application?

I am applying for a Schengen visa through hostelworld. In hostelworld booking confirmation it starts with Hi (Name of the person who did the booking). I booked a few hostels with 2 beds for a ...
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Hostel reservation for schengen visa

I am planning to go to Spain and I want to get schengen visa issued by Spanish consulate. I tried to talk to travel agency and they told me that spanish embassy doesn't accept fake bookings (so a ...
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Where can I find Hostelworld's rankings for cities?

Every time you leave a review on Hostelworld, the website asks you to add a review for the city where you were staying: But where can one then see these reviews on the Hostelworld website? I'd love ...
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How is it possible for a hotel to have Wifi but no internet access?

I have been looking at a few hotel aggregators (, & & have noticed that many of them have separate options for "Free Wifi" & "Free internet access". ...
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Hostel search site that lists prices by type of accommodation selected

I have this problem any time I try to use sites like Hostelworld and Hostelbookers for private rooms or shared rooms of a certain size. When you filter by room type, the prices in the listings are ...
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Hostel wants my Credit Card security code via email, is this legit?

Why would a hostel I book through HostelWorld want my credit card's security code (on the back)? Are they going to use this to charge their own deposit and essentially mess around with bookings ...
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Is there a europe-wide rule stopping under 18 year olds from staying in the dorms of hostels?

My friends and I are going inter railing and so will be staying in hostels across europe. One of the group will still be under 18 by the time we leave and several hostel sites have information saying ...
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Why are Moroccan HI hostels not listed on hostel sites?

I stay almost exclusively in hostels when available and use sites such as or to find hostels. When looking for a hostel in Casablanca no hostels could be found on ...
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How do I get a free Hostelworld Gold card?

I heard that Hostelworld gives out regularly free Gold Cards. But how can I get such a card? I couldn't find anything one their homepage.
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Can Hostelworld Gold membership numbers be shared among multiple accounts?

Is a Hostelworld Gold membership locked to one particular account, or can it be used when make booking from separate accounts to get a discount? If the latter, then does Hostelworld invalidate cards ...
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