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A Special Administrative Region of China bordering the South China Sea. It is essentially a city-state, mostly known for the namesake island and the Kowloon district on the mainland which directly faces Hong Kong Island.

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Chinese visa free with 2 passports

I'm having a layover in Guangzhou in a couple of weeks (a very long layover) and I was looking forward to visiting Hong Kong for the day as I know a few people there. However, I think this means I ...
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Chinese citizen, transit through Hong Kong then Singapore to a third country

I'm a Chinese citizen (PRC) and I currently reside on the United Kingdom (LTR Residence). I'll be going to China later this year and I'd like to visit Hong Kong and Singapore before I return to the ...
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Does a Chinese citizen need a visa to transit Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong?

I’m going to Hong Kong from Los Angeles using China Air Line. I have a Green Card and a mainland China passport. Am I allowed to make a transfer flight stop at Taiwan then to Hong Kong? My return ...
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How clean is seafood from Hong Kong local waters?

I want to eat seafood caught in HK waters. To my disbelief, every expat that I met in Hong Kong raised their eyebrows when I asked for restaurant recommendations for local HK seafood. They do not feel ...
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Chinese multiple entry Visa in-out options for Pakistan?

I saw alot of people coming to China with business Visa with M TYPE and after 3 months they go to hongkong or Taiwan and get back with another entry. As for Pakistan it's not free entry to hongkong or ...
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