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An outdoor activity with primary focus on walking around in the natural environment, especially in mountain regions. Not to be confused with [hitchhiking]. See also The Great Outdoors Stack Exchange.

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Is free camping permitted in Japan?

I'm planning to go to Japan this summer, and after visiting a relative, I'm planning to go on a hike for 5 to 7 days. I was wondering if camping out in the wild is permitted anywhere in japan, like ...
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Hiking across Iceland

I have ~18 days to hike across Iceland during August. I'm a good hiker (last summer I spent 40 days across the Alps) and I'll be alone. I'm looking for advice for my itinerary (southbound). I'll have ...
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Camping along ring road in Iceland

I am planning on a circumnavigation of Iceland this summer and the Ring Road might be the only road available for lenghthy stretches. I would like to know if camping along the Ring Road is ...
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Hiking in the area around Quebec City

I've decided to go spend 2 weeks in Quebec with my wife this summer. Our plan for now is to spend a few days in Montreal (where our plane lands, coming from France) spend a few days in Quebec City ...
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Hiking Mount Fuji in the off season

There are plenty of guides on hiking mount Fuji, and how to get there in the summer (the "open" season, July- early September). I have read and been told that although the routes are technically ...
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Where should I travel in Europe if I want to climb a high mountain without equipment?

I'm really into hiking during the last few years. Now I want to climb the highest mountain in Europe that is accessible by a hiker without any alpine tour experience. That means I have no problem ...
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Cross US-Canada border at Glacier NP

I am a French citizen with a B2 visa and I plan to stay for ~6 months in the US. As I'll be hiking the Continental Divide Trail, I'd like to leave North America from Calgary Airport. I know that US ...
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What is the actual price of hiring a porter for Everest base camp?

I know hiring a guide/porter is not required for the Everest Case Camp hike, but I think it is a good way to add something to the local economy. I am considering getting hiring a porter for this hike. ...
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Where can I find information on trekking in Alborz mountains?

I'd like to go trekking in the Alborz mountains next year, but so far I haven't found much information. I am considering early June, for around 3 weeks. I am an experienced hiker, even if if will be ...
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How far I can go before I reach a tourist-nogo zone from Badaling, the great wall of China?

I plan to visit the great wall of China, starting from Badaling. As a test to my stamina, I plan to hike along the wall, for as long and as far as I can, until I can't go further because either it's ...
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Good locations in Spain for hiking, nature, architecture, and photo opportunities? [closed]

I'm thinking about visiting Spain sometime in September or October. I'm interested in hiking, nature and historic architecture and am constantly looking for great photo opportunities. Which parts of ...
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How to find people to do long hikes?

I'm hoping to do the summit climb at Gunung Mulu National Park. Unfortunately, a guide is required, and there's a 3-person minimum. Since only 30-40 people do this climb every year, just showing up at ...
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Park accessible by public transport in Eastern Canada in October

I'll likely travel to Canada this autumn and I would like to go on a multi-day hike. I have however no car. Is there any park (national, provincial, ...) in Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, New ...
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Hiking in Iceland in July or September?

I am planning a 3 week trip to Iceland together with 3 friends. Our plan is to rent a car and follow the main ring road, but also to leave the car and go hiking inland for a day or two. Afterwards, we ...
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Walking back down Grouse Mountain, after doing the Grouse Grind?

While I'm in Vancouver next week, I'm (weather permitting) planning to do the Grouse Grind hike up Grouse Mountain. Once up at the top there, I expect I'll do a few of the trails around the top, but ...
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Literary Pilgrimage to Top Withens, Yorkshire (Wuthering Heights)

This summer hundreds (maybe thousands) of tourists and literary pilgrims will make the trek from Haworth to the ruins of Top Withens. For the most part they will start at the Bronte Parsonage and ...
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Where are the start points for the Phoenix Trail between Princes Risborough & Thame (UK)?

Can somebody tell me specifically where the start/end points are for the Phoenix Trail between Princes Risborough and Thame in the UK? I've looked on Google, and I think I've found the route, but when ...
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Does travel insurance covers hiking on high altitudes are participation in shamanic ceremonies?

I think that general answer is: "read the small print" I'll take my chances and ask if a generic travel insurance would cover: hiking on Inca Trail? (up to 4200m altitude) drinking ayahuasca? (...
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What hiking or other outdoor options can I do in Sanya in December?

I will be at a conference at the Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum December 17–21. I don't know the weather well, but I've been keeping an eye on the forecast, and it looks like it's ...
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