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Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in Germany, about 120 km from both Frankfurt am Main and Luxembourg. Known as a major hub for Ryanair.

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Cheapest way from Frankfurt Hahn to Wiesbaden? [closed]

What is a cheapest way to go from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Wiesbaden main station by public transport? And vice versa.
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Transport from Frankfurt Hahn Airport [closed]

What is the best and cheapest way of transport from HHN airport Germany to Leonardo City Hotel,Mailander Strassse 1 Frankfurt ?
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Trip to Germany (Frankfurt City - Frankfurt Hahn)

I would like to ask if you can indicate me some information and tricks regarding the transport services for the route: Frankfurt Hahn (Airport) to Frankfurt City. Is there a website? Can I let my ...
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Travel from Hahn airport to Bornheim Berger Straße in Frankfurt

I am flying to Hahn from UK and I would like to go to Bornheim Berger street in Frankfurt. I just checked the taxis and it is very expensive. I can be picked up or get a taxi once I am a bit closer ...
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Arriving at Frankfurt Hahn late at night, how do I get to the city?

I've made an error in judgement and have booked my Ryanair flight to Frankfurt (HAHN, I didn't think RyanAir would take me this far out of a city!). It was cheap and I regret my decision now. The ...
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Transportation from Frankfurt Hahn airport to Bochum

My friend and I will fly to Frankfurt Hahn airport and we need to go to Frankfurt main HBF, because we have to go to Bochum. What is the cheapest way to go from Frankurt Hahn to Frankfurt HBf and from ...
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Can I cycle to Frankfurt Hahn airport from Koblenz?

I am cycling down the Rhine this summer and I expect I will get as far as Koblenz. I would like to know if I can get from Koblenz to Frankfurt Hahn airport on my bike, maybe in 2 days ride down the ...
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Public transportation from Frankfurt Hahn towards Koenigstein (Taunus)

I am trying to find a way to check the public transportation offer from Fraknfurt Hahn airport to Koenigstein (Taunus) but it seems that this data does not exist in public search engines. Any ideas ...
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Cheap/free parking near Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

The official low-cost parking near Frankfurt-Hahn airport is not really low cost with prices starting at 3.50 EUR/day. I will fly to Scotland for a week and now I'm looking for an alternative cheap/...
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Tourist destinations from Frankfurt-Hahn airport besides Frankfurt

Some low cost airlines, mainly Ryanair, provide several low cost connections with the little Hahn airport. Usually this airport is referred to as Frankfurt-Hahn airport and, from a tourist point of ...
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How to get from Frankfurt-Hahn airport (HHN) to Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA)?

I have found a flight from Frankfurt International airport (FRA), but from my city only Ryanair flies to Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN). The problem is that one airport is 114 km from the other. What's the ...
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Getting from the Frankfurt-Hahn airport to Saarbrücken (Germany)

I posted a question (Driving into Germany over Easter weekend) about getting to Saarbrücken for a demoscene party and it looks like flying might actually be the cheapest option. I can get to Frankfurt-...
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