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Questions about using this type of aircraft for transportation.

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4 answers

How can you go from Paris to l'Ile d'Yeu?

This summer I will be going to France for the first time. While preparing my trip, I found L'ile d'Yeu (Yeu Island), off the Vendée coast of western France, as one of the destinations I want to visit ...
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3 answers

What's the longest scheduled helicopter flight?

I'm looking for the longest scheduled commercial helicopter route in the world. It could be seasonal but should be recurring and anyone should be able to purchase tickets for the route.
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1 answer

How to find hotels with helipads?

Is there any website or app where you can find hotels with helipads? I really want to take a helicopter to a hotel and I think using the internet is the best way to find a hotel with a helipad or ...
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4 answers

Can you land your private helicopter on Viking Line cruise ships?

Helicopter taxi services are everywhere near the baltic coasts. Can you take a helicopter taxi to a Viking Line cruise ship en route? Or is that not allowed? Are only ambulance helicopters allowed to ...
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2 answers

What options exist to get to Aogashima, Japan from Tokyo?

My understanding from Wikitravel is that you can get a helicopter or ferry from Hachijojima. However, it's unclear what time this ferry is, or whether you'll have down time after the morning arrival ...
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Which companies offer helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: View the Grand Canyon by helicopter - is it real? Our family of 5 is going to Las Vegas for the first time and we'd like to see the Grand Canyon. What tours by air are ...
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3 answers

Air travel info between Andaman islands

What is the exact process of applying for helicopter ride between Port Blair and Havelock island? I've seen the application form here but I'd like to know the whole process. Did anyone here actually ...
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8 answers

Are there scheduled flight connections operated with a helicopter?

I know that you can charter a helicopter, it is expensive but possible. But can I go on a scheduled flight with a helicopter? If so, which connections?
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19 votes
6 answers

View the Grand Canyon by helicopter - is it real?

I going to visit the United States and its famous geographic places, such as the Grand Canyon. I heard that there are some helicopter tours are available during visiting the Grand Canyon. Is this true?...
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