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José Martí International Airport, sometimes known by its former name Rancho-Boyeros Airport, is an international airport located 15 km southwest of Havana, Cuba.

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Colombo to Bahamas, transiting through Russia and Cuba, route details - passport only

I'm trying to find a "passport" only route from Sri Lanka to Bahamas (Nassau). I will be planning to spend about 3 months in the Bahamas. We are Sri Lankan nationality, have normal passport, ...
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Do Indian Citizens need a Cuban Transit Visa to change Terminals?

I am an Indian Citizen and will be arriving at Havana airport's Terminal 3 and will be taking a separate onward flight to Cayman Islands from Terminal 2. Can anyone tell if I would need a Transit visa ...
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Canadian traveling to Cuba through USA. Entry permit needed for 50 USD?

Flights from USA are much cheaper than from Toronto, but right before I book the flight, it tells me that I will have to purchase a "Cuba entry permit" for 50 USD, and "An additional $25 USD service ...
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Do Varadero or Havana airports have shops which sell cigars and alcohol?

What are restrictions for cigars and alcohol for departing tourists?
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What is the most cost effective way of exchanging currency in Cuba?

I am travelling to Cuba in the next couple of weeks and understand I can only convert my currency (GBP) once I have landed in Havana. What is the way of doing this which offers the best value? Is this ...
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Is it possible to get the Cuban tourist card (visa) on arrival at Havana Airport?

Is it mandatory to obtain the Cuban tourist card / visa (tarjeta turística) in advance? Or is it possible to get it upon arrival (at Havana airport) too? If the latter is possible, is there a ...
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Visiting islands around Cuba

I planned to travel to Cuba and Dominican Republic, but I've suddenly realized that the flights between Havana and Punta Cana are 6-8 hours and it is not that cheap... Is there any other ...
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