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For questions specifically about people travelling with Haitian passports.

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Haiti to Saint Kitts and Nevis without transiting in the US

Please help me find flights or a direct flight to Saint Kitts and Nevis from Haiti without a layover in the USA.
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Do I need a visa to transit through Cuba from Turkey to Haiti?

I am Haitian currently living in Turkey. Do I need a transit visa to pass through Cuba to go to Haiti? Original question in French: Je suis Haïtien,je vis en Turquie, est-ce que j'ai besoin d'un ...
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Do Haitian need a transit visa for going through Cuba?

I am Haitian Do I need a transit visa to go through Cuba? My final destination is Mexico.
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Does a Haitian need a visa to travel to Cuba from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti?

I am Haitian, living in Haiti.
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Do I need an airport transit visa for Dublin, Ireland en route to the UK?

I am Haitian, and traveling with a Haitian passport. I have to go to London with a work permit (tier 2 visa) on the 29th of July but I have 2 hour transit in Dublin. Do I need a transit visa? Can I ...
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