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Also known as bargaining, the skill of negotiating a purchase price in countries, cultures, markets, etc which don't use fixed prices.

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Is it possible to haggle over tours in Indonesia, and to what extent?

I'm planning a customized, private 10-day tour of Flores for which I'm contacting small local tour operators. They will arrange a car and driver, an English-speaking guide and sleeping accommodations. ...
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Does it make sense to try and negotiate prices with UK-based travel agents?

This question is specifically for the UK travel agents, but I would assume the answer would be applicable everywhere. I'm currently preparing to book a family holiday in Europe (probably Spain, ...
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Is there still any franc/ariary confusion risk in Madagascar?

Wikivoyage warns against franc/ariary confusion in Madagascar: The former currency Malagasy Franc (Franc Malgache) was replaced in 2005 by the Ariary (Ar-ee-ar) which is worth 5 Francs. For example,...
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How can I effectively haggle for a decently-priced auto ride?

Pretty much wherever you go in India, you'll come across 3 wheeled autos or auto rickshaws, which normally look like this: In some places where you want to get one, there's an office or cabin where ...
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Is it normal to haggle for the price of cheap hotel rooms in China?

On my recent month in China I stayed at many cheap hotels when I was somewhere with no backpacker hostel. With the current development boom in China I find you mostly get fairly new hotels that look ...
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Bargaining at street stalls and secondhand shops in Mongolia

I love books and I especially love used books. I've discovered to my surprise that Ulaanbaatar has quite a lot of used bookshops. But when I ask the price of a book it is always quite a bit higher ...
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How can I avoid or minimise haggling without causing offence?

I'm visiting Dubai soon (although I'm happy to keep the scope of this question wider), where I think haggling is a standard expected part of buying many goods (in my case, probably mostly souvenirs). ...
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How much to haggle for a hotel room in India?

I need to book a hotel in Delhi, India for mid-November. Someone suggested to me that I should haggle over the price for the room. Is it considered acceptable to haggle over hotel room prices in India?...
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How do I negotiate a lower price at a hotel?

When living and traveling in Mexico, I became quite accustomed to asking for discounts in many situations: At the market, at the car wash, and at hotels. I was usually successful in getting a lower ...
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How to successfully haggle / bargain in markets

While I've done quite a bit of travel now and back myself to handle situations when it comes to border guards, sorting accommodation and / or transportation, one thing I still struggle to come to ...
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