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GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is a 2G mobile phone technology. In common usage, "GSM" encompasses its data counterpart, GPRS, and their successor 3G standards, EDGE (also known as IMT or EGPRS) and UMTS.

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Real prepaid sim card in Britain

I would like to have a British sim card for identification purposes mostly, e.g. registering on food ordering services. So I do not want a subscription and pay monthly. I would like to buy some ...
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How to approve a new phone model in Ecuador?

A few weeks ago, I bought a SIM from Claro Ecuador to use in a fairly recent cellphone. I had several Claro SIMs over the years when traveling around Ecuador in different phones and they never ...
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Can I initialize a SIM card when abroad?

I will be travelling from France to Germany / Poland / Austria later this month and I will have a French new SIM card shipped to me when I will be abroad. Is it possible to initialize such a card on ...
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How to activate mobile phone in Chile?

I have been told that recently Chile decided to block the IMEI of all phones not officially sold in the Chilean market. As a foreigner who bought a prepaid SIM card, it's quite frustrating! My phone ...
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Do USA iPhones work in Hungary?

I want to buy an iPhone 5S ( Model A1533 ) second-hand originally bought from Verizon. And there are an iPhone SE (A1662) and iPhone 7 (A1660 CDMA). Can these mobile phones work in the EU and ...
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Access to USA mobile network from euro phone

I'm currently in the US with a cheap Archos 50d Oxygen phone. I cannot get voice nor data access. I have a french plan on Free (yeah, that's the name, and no, it's not free) which normally allows for ...
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GSM mobile data in Korea [duplicate]

Planning to stay in South Korea for two weeks. Would be nice to have GSM prepay card for data transfer. Found two providers: EG sim
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Simple phone for US-only use: GSM 850/1900, or CDMA/IS-95?

I currently have a Nokia 1200 and I've never visited an area where it doesn't work. My phone operates on 900/1800 MHz, so it will not work in the USA. Soon, I will visit the USA for approximately one ...
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