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Area of tourism involving a large group of travellers visit places together.

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2 answers

Websites for finding travel friends (with most members)?

I searched for some travel friends/buddies community websites. Which sites have the highest of number of members, nationalities, travel requests? Do they have mobile apps?
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Are there any tour group comparison websites?

After having good experiences with the various websites for comparing flight prices (Expedia, Orbitz, etc), I was wondering whether there's anything similar for tours that compares times, prices, ...
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Group Discounted Airfare [closed]

There's a lot of sites out there advertising discounts for groups or help coordinating group travel however I can't find a lot of information on how beneficial this actually is. I'm looking for ...
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Flight search tool for multiple travelers from different cities to a single destination city

Are there any flight search engines for planning a group get-together with the cheapest flight costs? For instance, suppose a small company gathering (much like the one I'm currently planning!), with ...
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Where to meet another traveller at Heathrow T5

I am going to arrive at London Heathrow Terminal 1, a friend of mine is going to land on a different flight at T3 slightly earlier, and then we are flying out together on a connecting flight from T5. ...
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