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Göteborg is a city and region in southern Sweden, close to both Copenhagen and Oslo, the capitals of Denmark and Norway.

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Do you need a ticket to ride with Västtågen between Gamlestaden and Gothenburg Central Station?

Taking the Västtåg between the central station and Gamlestaden would be very practical for me. Do you have to get a ticket for that?
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Gothenburg Airport Transfer [duplicate]

What are the transfer options for Gothenburg Airport? The last time I took the airport coaches but they're pretty expensive. GOT is very close to the city center, shouldn't public busses or taxi be ...
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Best way to travel from Copenhagen to Gothenburg and when to book the tickets? [closed]

I am a 22 year old male. I will be landing at the Copenhagen Airport on Thursday around noon and from there on have to reach Gothenburg. I don't have any strict time limits about reaching Gothenburg ...
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Are Euros accepted in Gothenburg or is conversion to Krona possible?

I will be travelling to Gothenburg via Copenhagen. I have a traveller's card that has Euros on it. Will I be able to use the traveller's card to withdraw Euros from ATMs (I have used this card to ...
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Bus between Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and the city centre

I am visiting Gothenburg in Sweden. I read on the Landvetter Airport website that there are buses running between the airport and the city centre (that are not the Flygbuss Airport coaches), but the ...
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