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Questions tagged [gondolas-and-cable-cars]

Known by many names including "aerial tramway", "ropeway", etc. A form of aerial transport by carriages suspended from high cables.

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Refund of Cable-car Ticket in case of Cancellation on account of Bad Weather

If I book winter tickets for Zugpitze (non-skier) online and on the day of trip the cable car and/or train is not operating due to bad weather conditions, then would there be any refund of the ticket? ...
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Why do cable cars (gondola lifts) only have doors on one side? [closed]

I have never seen a gondola lift (one with enclosed cabins with doors) that has doors on the side facing the cable going in the other direction. They always seem to have doors only on the side facing ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Visiting the Ngong Ping 360 cable car on an evening layover in Hong Kong International Airport?

Based on the How to leave Hong Kong International Airport by foot question, I know that leaving Hong Kong International Airport on foot during a layover can be done but isn't easy. However, from an ...
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How safe are cable cars?

I was travelling from Singapore main land to Sentosa island using cable car. I never had problem flying or even skydiving. This cable car thing just didn't make me feel safe, I was literally terrified....
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7 votes
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Crossing the French/Italian (Chamonix/Cormayeur) border via cable car

My partner and I will be travelling through Chamonix on the 25th of April, and we were wanting to travel via cable car through to Courmayeur. Are there cable cars that allow us to travel from Chamonix ...
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Are there plans to reopen the cable cars / aerial tramways in Tbilisi Georgia?

In Tbilisi Georgia there used to be a network of aerial tramways / cable cars which operated in various parts of the city: Georgian National Academy of Sciences on Shota Rustaveli Avenue Vake Park to ...
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