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Questions tagged [german-residents]

People ordinarily residing in Germany, whether or not nationals of the country.

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Transit through a Schengen airport with soon-to-expire passport

I would like to travel from Moscow to New York via Helsinki. My Russian passport expires less than 3 months after the planned departure from the US. To enter the US, my passport only needs to be valid ...
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Are my ties to Germany strong enough to get a B2 visa?

I'm a 22-year-old female natural science international student in Germany who'll graduate from a German university this coming May, and will start grad school this coming autumn. I've been living in ...
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Do six-month or three-month passport rules apply to aufenhaltstitel holders?

I am a non-EU citizen living in Germany on a residence permit (aufenhaltstitel). My passport expires in February 2024, which is also when my residence permit expires. I need to make a business trip ...
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Entry in Timatic when travelling with a German Blue Pass (convention travel document)

If a passenger has a German blue travel document under Convention of 28 July 1951 and the nationality stated on the document is Somalia, do I have to fill in Somalia or Germany in the nationality ...
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German visa refusal on lack of proof of ties to home country. Should we appeal for review?

I am currently living in Germany on Blue Card and receiving a handsome salary. My wife is living in Pakistan. We are a newly married couple. She has registered herself in German Consulate for the ...
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Which non-Schengen Countries can I visit with EU Blue Card?

I have an Indian passport and am currently living and working in Germany holding an EU Blue card (Aufenthaltstitel). Which non-schengen countries can I visit without applying for a Visa explicitly? I ...
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