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Questions tagged [german-residents]

People ordinarily residing in Germany, whether or not nationals of the country.

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3 votes
1 answer

Does a non-EEA spouse, travelling to the UK without their EEA national spouse, require a visa?

Are my German residence card and South African passport sufficient for entry into the UK for a few days to visit a friend? Should I, in addition to this, still apply for an EEA Family Permit or some ...
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11 votes
3 answers

I am non-EU citizen working in Germany. Can I travel to UK without a visa?

I am from Non-EU country (from Nepal to be precise) and recently moved to Germany for work. I am applying for BlueCard. I would like to travel to UK later this year, can I go there without visa as I ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What exactly does the UK Consulate mean by "change of application circumstance"?

I was recently refused a UK visa from Germany. I am a student in Germany and planned to visit the UK for tourism. Here is the refusal: As I intend to reapply, with evidence showing that my studies ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Denied boarding on RyanAir intra-Schengen despite valid German Residency travel documents

I am a non-EU passport holder with a German Aufenthaltstitel (aufenthaltserlaubnis) residency card, which expired, and thus I was issued a (stamped, official, but not laminated / plastic) ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Can I take a flight within Germany on my Blue card if I do not have a passport

I have to travel to Frankfurt from Berlin next week on an urgent basis and my passport would not be with me during that time as it would be there with the UK embassy. So my question is, am I allowed ...
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5 votes
3 answers

E-Visa needed for Turkey if have a valid Residence Permit from Germany?

I will be traveling back from India to Germany in November. I am taking Turkish Airlines and will have a layover in Istanbul for 30 Hours. I am an Indian Passport holder but have a valid Residence ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can I enter Switzerland with a German temporary residence permit?

I have a temporary residence permit (fiktionsbescheinigung), valid for the next six months, which I got in Germany under § 81 Section 4 of the Residence Act. Can I travel to Switzerland with this ...
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