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Questions about travel relating to the State of Georgia, in the Southeastern United States.

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Traveling by train from Savannah GA to Charleston SC

I am looking to travel from Savannah, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina in February. I have done searching and found the following options: Rent a car; probably ~$100 for economy level car, plus ...
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Is historic downtown in Savannah, GA too loud for kids to stay over night?

My wife and I are torn between booking a hotel by the historic downtown of Savannah for ease of transportation or somewhere a little further for quietness, so the kids can sleep. Given that the ...
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Is it possible for non-residents to shoot at a range in the State of Georgia (US)?

I am interested in going to a range to shoot both hand guns and rifles while in Georgia. Is it legal to do this in Georgia as a non-resident, and if it is legal, is it common for ranges to deny entry ...
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Is liability insurance required in order to rent a car?

I do not own my car, and thus do not have auto insurance of my own (otherwise, auto insurance typically follows you where you go, including to any rental cars). When I went to rent a car, I was told ...
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Is MARTA a good option to commute to/through downtown Atlanta?

I went on a business day trip to Atlanta last week and noticed there was a MARTA stop next to my hotel. As someone who generally avoids Atlanta because of the traffic, would I have been better off ...
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Two weeks in Atlanta and Athens, GA area

I'm planning a 2 week trip (end of Dec / beginning of Jan) to the USA and I will be based in Athens, GA, but I will move a lot between Athens, Snellville and Atlanta. It's my first time in the USA and ...
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Non payment of red light ticket in Atlanta on Indian drivers' license [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What happens when a foreigner gets a speeding ticket in the United States? I was issued a red light ticket in Atlanta. Officer told me I could pay that online after 7 days, ...
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Are there ski resorts that you can drive to in an evening from Atlanta, GA?

A friend (not yet on Travel.SE...) has recently moved out to Atlanta, Georgia, and was disappointed to discover quite how far it is from Atlanta to the big-name US ski resorts. (The perils of coming ...
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