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City in northern Italy, on the Mediterranean coast. Sixth largest city and the largest seaport in Italy. Genova in Italian.

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Can I take a bicycle on the ferry from Palermo (Sicily) to Genoa (Italy)?

I would like to take a touring bicycle on the ferry from Palermo (Sicily Italy) to Genoa (Italy). The bicycle is a touring bicycle, i.e. fully assembled, cannot be folded and has bags on the front and ...
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Genova palaces and Greek Gods [closed]

In via Garibaldi 12, in the main hall, I saw 4 Gods: Zeus, Hermes, Athena and one more, which I didn't recognize. Maybe it could be Hera, since was looking at her husband (checking on him..). Who is ...
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Is it illegal to serve baby seafood in Italy? [closed]

It should, but what does the law say? In Greece for example, it is illegal to serve baby seafood of many species, following the over-fishing in the Mediterranean. So, is it illegal in Italy to serve ...
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Moved from room after bad insect bite, but what about the next guy? [closed]

I am staying in a hotel in Genova for three more nights. The hotel is prepaid by my grant, and leaving is something I don't want. Last night an insect bit me, and for the first time in my life I got ...
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In a restaurant in Italy, should I be seated when my food arrives?

I sat at the table, ordered the pizza. While it was being prepared, I decided to go to the bathroom for a short visit. An employee came (the griller) and while I was in the middle of my business, he ...
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Trains in the Cinque Terre

I'm planning on traveling to the Liguria region of Italy, staying in Genoa, Rapallo and finally Vernazza. When I booked I was under the impression that trains between Genoa and La Spezia stopped at ...
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Airport options for trip to Genoa and Verona

I am planning a trip to northern Italy. I will start it with two days of Giro d'Italia in and around Genoa and then I will move on to Verona for a javascript conference. I was thinking that flying to ...
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Weekend in Turin or Genova?

I live in Lyon an plan on spending a long "romantic/relaxing" weekend (3-4 days) in Italy with my gf. The thing is I want to get there by train, which means I'm pretty limited in my choice: the city ...
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How to get from Genoa to Cinque Terre?

According to e.g. Wikitravel, there should be "regular local trains with high frequency" from Genoa (Genova) but it doesn't give any details. Which of the five villages can I get to by train from ...
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