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When you have a bag that would normally be carry-on (cabin baggage), but the airline requires (or allows) you to check it at the gate, and have it placed in the cargo hold instead.

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3 answers

What unusual requirements are placed on baggage when flying on a very small aircraft?

Most experienced air travelers are aware that smaller, regional/commuter-type aircraft (regional jets and turboprop airliners) have undersized overhead baggage compartments that force large carryon ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Could you theoretically gate check a large suitcase instead of checking it normally?

Some US airlines will gate check carry-on luggage, either when they run out of overhead compartment space or when some bags are too large. In theory, would it be possible to bring a large suitcase (...
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7 votes
1 answer

Can I gate check a laptop with the cabin laptop ban?

Some flights prohibit laptops in the cabin. Under such circumstances, can one gate check the laptop? The risk of loss should be lower compared to regular checked luggage, and perhaps the traveller ...
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4 votes
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Check-in and Boarding at the Gate (the procedure for visa requirements)

I have noticed that for a given flight, there are two checks of the passport and visa documents, once at the check-in counter and then at the boarding gate. Why is such procedure being followed? I ...
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Liquid containers size at the airport [duplicate]

I don’t understand why you can go through with an empty bottle (no matter the size) but you can’t go through with a large bottle that has less than 100ml of liquid in it. All these regulations are ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Can I opt out of checking carry-on at the gate?

The other day I was one of the last passengers to board a (domestic US) flight, and my carry-on bag was checked at the gate without asking. I suppose this was due to lack of space in overhead bins (...
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Protect fragile items with biodegradable foam packing in a flight checked luggage

Someone is planning to bring fragile items (eg. glass bottle, steel bar, lamp, or electronics without Lithium battery) in a flight checked luggage. That person tries to protect those fragile items ...
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