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gas-stations. Gas stations are facilities that sells fuel and engine lubricants for motor vehicles. They have convenience stores that offer basic products. Use for questions about using, finding a gas station.

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Dedicated LPG Ute, long distance drive, VIC to QLD

Need to drive to Ipswich QLD from Ballarat VIC, have a dedicated LPG vehicle, anyone know which route would be the best to take for enough Petrol Stations that sell LPG? Is there an app or website ...
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Fuel price premium on highway service stations in Slovenia

We will be traveling from Germany to Croatia via Austria and Slovenia and I'm currently planning on where to have stops and refuels. According to some websites I found, Slovenia seems to have the ...
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Are there any non-cash gas stations in Albania?

Are there any contactless, card, paypal (or anything that isn't cash) gas stations in Albania, or are they all cash only? Also, how to find English speaking stations? I have checked reviews on Google ...
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How to use a petrol/gas station in Greece?

I'm going to be using a rental car in an upcoming holiday to Greece. At some point I will need to refuel the car. I've heard that most petrol stations in Greece are manned by an attendant who will ...
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Why do American gas stations' bathrooms apparently use these huge keys?

In one episode of Beavis and Butt-head from the 1990s, they are out back at a gas station. There is a vending machine with a bathroom door on each side of it marked "MEN" and "WOMEN&...
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Filling stations and petrol stations in Nigeria, is there any difference?

While browsing north Nigeria's map I have noticed that "places where you can fuel your car" (?) are named both "Filling Station" and "Petrol Station": Is there any ...
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Using self-service gas pumps in Israel - with Hebrew-only interface

After traveling quite a bit in Israel by car I still can't figure out how to use gas pumps at the gas stations. All pumps I've seen were self service ones where you pay by car at the pump. Also none ...
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