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Coastal province of China having Fuzhou and Xiamen as major cities and with ferry connections to Taiwan and some of its islands.

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Can I change Taiwanese dollars to Chinese RMB at or near the ferry terminals in Keelung, Matsu Island, or Mawei, Fuzhou?

Tonight I'll take the ferry from mainland Taiwan to the Taiwanese island Matsu just off the coast of China, and tomorrow another ferry on to China itself, disembarking at a port named Mawei in Fuzhou, ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Israeli passport on ferry from China to Taiwan

I have an Israeli passport with a ten-year visa to the US and a multiple entry visa to China. Is it possible for me to take a ferry from Xiamen to Kinmen and then to Taipei and come back to Xiamen?
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8 votes
4 answers

Where exactly does the ferry depart from in Mawei, Fuzhou, China that goes to Matsu, Taiwan?

Several sources including Wikivoyage, Seat 61, and Lonely Planet tell me that there's s short, quick ferry from China to the Taiwanese island of Matsu. Apparently this ferry leaves from a part of, or ...
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