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People residing in France, not touristing there.

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Returning home to France with less than 6 months on British passport and French post-Brexit residency card

I am a British Citizen living in France, I hold a French EU-Article 50 (Brexit) residency permit. Is there any risk that I'd be stopped when returning to France from the UK on my British passport ...
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British passport holder working while travelling in the UK

I am a British Citizen with the French EU-Article 50 (Brexit) residency permit, allowing me to live and work in France. I am a permanent employee of a French company (CDI), and I work for them from my ...
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Pakistani national living in France, travelling to UK

Do I need a visa for the UK to visit a family member... I'm a Pakistani national living in France with my partner and have a residence permit for France?
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Traveling within Schengen area with a French resident card

I'm a US citizen with a 10 year French resident card (carte de séjour) and I'd like to fly to Spain. My US passport expires in a few weeks and it seems that Spain is one of those countries that ...
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