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Oral and written human communication particularly connected with the peoples of France.

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What does the sign on the bathroom door in a French airplane read when there is someone using it? [closed]

The author of my favorite webcomic asked about this on Twitter. I wasn't sure whether to post this on Aviation (but they redirect passenger-side aviation questions here) or on the French stack, but I ...
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Chinese Citizen Apply for French Visa (Passport Talent) in USA with H1B Extension Pending Approval [closed]

My H-1B visa expired on Aug 28, 2020, and my employer in the US applied for an extension for my H-1B on Aug 13, 2020. Per the 240 days rule, I can legally stay in the US and continue to work while my ...
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France business visa rejection twice , should I apply again [duplicate]

I had applied for a France business Visa in June 2019 with all documents required like invitation letter, cover letter, travel itinerary , my payslips and ITR for 3 years and travel insurance and good ...
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French street language in mugging situation

I am travelling to a less than safe area near Paris (for reasons outside of my influence). While I dont expect to get mugged I would like to be not fully unprepared. My French is at a low-level maybe ...
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How do I know if my visa application is approved

I had applied for France visa two months ago. I had been asked to provide a document after a month or so. I have not yet obtained the requested document, though, had notified the visa center. Today, I ...
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How does one make friends alone in Paris? [closed]

I am going to be living alone in Paris for 6 months for an internship. As far as I know, I don't know anybody who lives there or is gonna be there at the same time. I am a relatively introverted ...
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France visa duration [closed]

If I am traveling to France for 4 months and I apply for long stay visa, visa issued to me will be valid for 4months only or 6 months?
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What’s this symbol in Europe that looks a bit like an upside-down V, or ⩘?

I noticed on a bistrot's price board, this symbol was used to denote prices. It looks a little bit like an upside-down V, and the closest match could find was ⩘. It could also be ...
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I have a French residence permit. Do I need a visa if I transit in the UK? [duplicate]

As said in the title, I have a French residence permit and I would like to know if I need a UK visa if I transit there? Thank you!
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After that Visa expired, re-entering US with ESTA to take a flight back to Europe [duplicate]

I'm a French citizen with a US J1 visa that will expire in 2 days. In 2 days I will visit Canada, and I would like to re-enter USA 10 days later just to take my flight back to France. I thought it was ...
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I got a little yellow sticker on top right corner of my french identity card, saying 102 A?

I got a little yellow sticker on top right corner of my french identity card, saying 102 A? Does anyone know what that is?
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What is the Tanger GR bus terminal destination?

I would like to check buses from Tanger to Tetouan but I have one problem. I can't figure out whether it is Tanger MED or Tanger. The page I've found it is in French. Here is the page: http://www.ctm....
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How useful/important is French in Montreal?

I'm going to be in Montreal for several weeks-months for work this fall. I don't speak a word of French. It's my understanding that Montreal is the primary anglophone enclave for Quebec and that ...
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What is the difference between "Gazole" and "Diesel" in France?

I am driving a car with a Diesel engine. I always thought that "Gazole" and "Diesel" were synonymous to each other, only to drive in a gas station which mentioned both terms, as in "Gazole" and "...
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How can I get people to speak the local language to me?

I went to Paris 2 years ago. When I was there, I was learning the language by talking and listening to the local people. But, while I was trying to speak French with them, they would speak English to ...
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How to overcome the language barrier when visiting France and Spain?

I may be traveling to France and Spain for business purposes, and I'm likely to mix some pleasure with that business trip. I do not expect many language issues during the business conversations. ...
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