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An overseas region of France, located in the Guyanas in South America.

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Requirements for entering French Guyana for holder of German residence permit

French Guyana is not part of the Schengen Area. So does a third country national living with a German residency permit in Germany need to apply for a visa to go there? Where to apply for such document?...
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Are EU passports supposed to be stamped when entering/leaving French Guiana?

When I entered with my Polish passport through Saint-Georges, I was told by the border police I'm not supposed to get any stamp cause we're in France, the same was told when leaving in Saint-Laurent-...
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How can I get to Cacao, French Guiana?

I'm going by bus from Saint-Georges to Cayenne, passing through Roura. Is there any kind of public transport or scheduled service from any of those places to Cacao? Rome2Rio and other sites recommend ...
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Can I own a French registered car as a non-resident?

I would love to drive through Brazil and Suriname starting from French Guiana. However, renting a car to do this proved to be impossible. There are ferries between French Guiana and Suriname and a ...
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Are there any vessels from French Guiana to Europe?

My girlfriend and me want to go from Cayenne (French Guiana) to Europe by boat/ship/vessel. Is there anyone who has some information about it? Where can we find a boat? Do we have to go to the harbour ...
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How far into Brazil can I get with the completion of the Oyapock Bridge between French Guiana and Brazil?

It is estimated that the Oyapock Bridge between France and Brazil will be finished in 2012. I have already been to Oyapock and ever since I dreamt to do a road trip starting in French Guyana. Looking ...
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Where can I rent a car in French Guiana to cross to Suriname/Brazil?

Flying to Suriname can be very expensive since the transatlantic connection is tightly controlled by the GOS. A less expensive solution is to travel to the neighboring French Guiana which is ...
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