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Travel for the purpose of attending a Formula 1 Race

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Traveling from Brussel to Spa-Francorchamps with overnight stay

What is a cheap and easy way to travel by train and/or bus from central Brussel to circuit de Spa-Francorchamps? It has to include a stop for an overnight stay along the way, within 60 min from Spa-...
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What is accessible in Monaco during the Formula 1 races?

As I understand it, the Monte Carlo Casino is closed during the races. Is that correct? When does it open? Is it closed only on Sundays or during practice times (e.g. Thursday noon), as well? Are you ...
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3 answers

Train from Nice to Monaco during Grand Prix weekend

I am staying in Nice for the Monaco Grand Prix and will be travelling by train to and from Monaco on Saturday and Sunday. Can I book an 'open' return for each day rather than selecting a train time ...
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Help for places to see around Nice during the Monaco F1 GP weekend

I am visiting Monaco during the F1 GP weekend from 24/05 - 27/05. I am staying at Nice and traveling to Monaco on Sunday on the GP day. I am planning to arrive in Nice on the evening of 24th by ...
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Can I buy Travel Insurance against the cancelation of a Formula 1 race?

I have booked flights and hotel with The Flight Centre (in the UK) to fly to Singapore for the Singapore Formula 1 race in September. I have also booked tickets for the race from the official race ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Visiting Indian Formula One circuit in Greater Noida

The Indian Grand Prix is one of the newest circuit in the F1 Calendar and I want to know: Which airport is closest to the circuit? Where to stay? Is there public transport from/to airport/circuit?
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7 votes
2 answers

Visiting Formula 1 Monaco GP on a tight budget

Racing is in my blood. I love Formula 1 and I have already watched live races in Germany and Belgium. But I'm dreaming of the Monte Carlo GP. The problem is - MONEY. So what's gonna be the cheapest ...
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Tickets for the Italian F1 Grand Prix at Monza [closed]

I'm looking for the buying the general admission tickets for the Italian F1 Grand Prix weekend. I have the following questions Can I hope to get a good view with the general admission tickets? Are ...
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