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Questions regarding attending the football (English or American) games during travels.

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Is it possible to get back from VELTINS-Arena to Duisburg by public transportation on a weekday night?

So I am spending a couple of nights in Duisburg in beginning of February and are now considering my options. There is a football game between Schalke 04 and Hertha Berlin that interests me on the 4th ...
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Where to watch American college football in Mexico City? [closed]

Where in Mexico City can I watch the FSU/Alabama college football game that's being aired on 9/3 at 8pm ET on ABC?
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Spanish National Team (Football) store in Madrid [closed]

I will be visiting Madrid this summer (July), and would like to know if there's any store where I can buy official Spanish National football team products? Is there an Adidas store that sells them?
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Entering Emirates Stadium, Block vs Turnstile

I have never been to Emirates Stadium and have tickets for the match tomorrow (10 Dec) with a friend. The instructions say that unless we enter at the right place we can be refused entry altogether, ...
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How to get football tickets for Premier League when traveling

I will be visiting Manchester in few months and I am interested to get tickets to a derby football match. I am trying to figure out the best way to buy tickets for a foreigner (i. e. I will be in the ...
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How can I enjoy the Euro 2016 without having a ticket?

The Euro 2016 is the European football championship that will be held in France from June, 16 to July, 16 this year. I will be in France (mostly in Paris, but I can move to other areas) during this ...
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What are the consequences of the State of Emergency in France for sports-related tourists?

France is planning to extend the State of Emergency following the November 2015 terrorist attacks by 2 months, until at least the 26th of July. This means that both UEFA EURO 2016 and the 103d edition ...
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Where can I watch a game with New England Patriots fans in NYC? [closed]

Is there a gathering place in New York City where Pats fans can assemble in peace for a game?
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Heading to WC2014 Qualifier @ Wembley

I'm a long time Football fan living in the states. I'm finally going to Europe and will be attending the England vs Moldova match. One of my friends told me that football fans don't wear "kits/...
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Zagreb: How/where to get tickets for a football game? [closed]

I am in Zagreb next month. Does anyone know where it would be possible to get a ticket for the football games on? (From a tout is an option I'd consider). A website, tour office or similar? ...
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Are there any football stadiums where you can stay overnight?

This is probably one for the football fans! I know that many football stadiums offer tours around, generally during the day. Quite a few offer conference facilities, and I can attest that a coffee ...
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Is it safe to attend a soccer game between Croatia and Serbia as a tourist?

In the beginning of next year, Croatia will play against Serbia in the qualification round for the soccer world championship 2014 in Brasilia. The game will take place at 22.03.2013 in Zagreb and ...
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What's the best way for foreigners outside of the UK to get to an English Premier League game?

I recently got a bonus from my company and want to fly to England for a weekend to watch some soccer. It would be great to go to a big game, however I know getting my hands on tickets can be really ...
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Pick-up Soccer in Dublin

I'm going to Dublin on vacation for a few days at the end of November. I am hoping to play in a very casual soccer game or two while I am there. Does anyone know of good places to find welcoming "pick-...
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Rome football derby - how can I visit it?

I want to get into the Rome for the famous Rome derby, but don't know anything about possibilities of buying the ticket for foreigners, on which stadium should I watch this match and safety actions on ...
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