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Flying Blue is the loyalty program for Air France, KLM, and 5 smaller regional airlines which include Aircalin, HOP!, Kenya Airways, TAROM, and Transavia. For question about the loyalty program.

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How to do transaction to buy air ticket from Wizz Air/Blue Air?

I am from India. I was trying to buy air tickets from the airline Wizz Air and Blue Air. However my debit cards are not working during the transaction. I have international debit cards but that is ...
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On what tickets or flights are Flying Blue XP earned?

I am not sure if this applies generally to other loyalty programmes, or if this question should be about Flying Blue specifically. Flying Blue XP ("Experience points") are earned on flights with KLM, ...
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7 votes
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Collecting on different Frequent Flyer programmes on same booking (not same flights)

I booked Delta but 2 of 3 flights are operated by Virgin Atlantic, so I cannot get miles on Flying Blue (Air France-KLM's programme) as the flight isn't operated by a SkyTeam airline. Can I collect ...
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Spend miles from one loyalty scheme, earn on another (within Skyteam)

Due to poor miles management, I end up owning ~4,000 miles on Flying Blue (Air France) and ~8,000 miles with SKYPASS (Korean Air), both of which belong to SkyTeam. I'd rather own Flying Blue miles as ...
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Better off using Flying Blue for Air France flights? [closed]

I have 28,000 miles on Skymiles, but will be flying almost exclusively AirFrance (8-10 transatlantic flights/year) for the next year or two. Is there a big difference in the amount of points AirFrance ...
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Is it possible to transfer miles between SkyTeam program members?

I have some miles in Aeroflot Bonus program, some more in the FlyingBlue (KLM / Air France) and some more in other programs, but my concern is regarding the Aeroflot and AirFrance programs. Is ...
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