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*Firenze*, the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence.

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Free Museum Sundays Florence

Are Free Museum Sundays only valid for Italian residents? I live In germany and have a valid blue card permit. Can I still avail these sunday offers? If yes, do I need to book something prior or do I ...
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What do 'skip the line tickets' mean in Italy

I've read about many skip the line tickets- but someone told me- they only allow you to skip the ticketing line- not the security line, is this correct? If so how can you manage to skip long security ...
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Florence: ZTL clarification

We are planning a trip for someone in our family. Part of the trip would include parking in Florence near Santa Maria Novella train station. There is a private garage right across the station, Garage ...
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Never paid bus fine in Florence Italy - What will happen when I go back?

I traveled to Italy to study abroad 2 years ago and received a bus fine in the middle of my trip. I believe it was ATAF, the local city bus. I was confused on how to pay and got on expecting to pay ...
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When climbing il Duomo (Florence), are there places to rest, or ways to turn back?

A group of us will visit Florence soon. We want to climb to the top of il Duomo. We understand that this is a 463-step climb up a narrow, one-person-wide, one-way spiral staircase. Some of us are ...
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Changing trains at Firenze S.M.N. train station - how fast can it be done?

We are traveling by train (already reserved) from Rome to Lucca in a couple of weeks with a train change at Firenze S.M.N. Itinerary: Rome Termini -> Firenze S.M.N. : Arrives @ 11:50 (Frecciarossa ...
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Cell Broadcast message in Florence [closed]

Was in Florence a couple about a month ago and I think I got about 10 cell broadcast messages with the content FI32402. Searching google proved to be pretty pointless and I assume that the FI part ...
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I'm travelling from Arles to Florence--what's the easiest way? [closed]

I'm travelling from Arles to Florence in March, and I'm wondering what is the least troublesome way of doing it. I'd prefer an option in which I don't have to drive. And if travelling by train, I'd ...
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Unusual experience when exchanging money in Florence

This happened to a friend of mine last Saturday in Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station. In a rush to catch a train and low on Euros she approached the foreign exchange counter in the train ...
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Can I leave my bag in the Uffizi Gallery?

I have a large bag I don't want to walk around Florence with. Can I leave it in baggage deposit in Uffizi and come back for it in the evening after I see the rest of the city? I have tickets to ...
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Where in Italy was this 1945 picture taken?

Would like to know where this pic was shot from please. Its my dad taken during World War II 1945, in Italy. Thank You.
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Best airport for Firenze?

What alternatives exist to Firenze Amerigo Vespucci airport? It's a small airport with a very poor selection of destinations so better choices would be welcome.
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Leaving Italy without paying a fine for a bus fare violation

I'm in Florence on vacation with my parents and we've run into some trouble with the city buses. We took an ATAF bus and were confused on how the system worked. Apparently you stamp the ticket when ...
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Palazzo Strozzi - is the online ticket queue shorter?

I plan to visit an art exhibition in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, and I have the option of purchasing my tickets online ahead of time with a surcharge. Clearly this makes sense only if the queue for ...
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Is there a ticket to see just Brunelleschi's Cupola and if so, can I buy it online?

I'd like to visit Cupola del Brunelleschi in Florence but noticed that you can only buy online a 15€ ticket for the whole Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. Since I won't stay in Florence for long: Is there ...
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Lost camera on a Trenitalia train

I left my camera on the Trenitalia train from Rome to Venice on 09/11/15. Departure time from Rome 12:50 arrival in Florence 14:22. Roma Termini - Firenze S. M. Novella > TICKET: Super Economy ...
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Florence - Do those "Authorised seller" signs at the stores selling leather goods mean anything?

At one of the stalls in Mercato Centrale, we were looking at leather wallets, and I noticed that the stall had a sign saying they were an "Authorised seller". Sorry, I didn't take a photo, but it had ...
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Where can I get a proper hot chocolate in Firenze-Venezia-Trieste?

I am right now in Firenze but will spend two days in Venice and two days in Trieste and I'd like to drink a proper, thick, tasty hot chocolate but everyone says they don't make it in the summer. Any ...
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Should I purchase train tickets between Milan Malpensa Airport and Florence on the day or book them in advance?

I'll be landing in Milan Malpensa Airport on May 17th 12:15 pm. I need to get to Florence after that and I am planning to do that by train. When I look on, I can see the train schedules,...
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What gallery is Michelangelo's David in?

I want to go to see Michelangelo's David sculpture. All the sources on-line say it's in the Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Firenze. When I go to the official site it gives the option to buy tickets to ...
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Where is the "bar area" in Florence?

Situation: Having arrived in Firenze by train a couple of hours earlier, settled into a hostel (laundry & fresh clothes, ah!), and seen the amazing Duomo briefly (illuminated at night), I was ...
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Florence Pass for museum, historical places and public transport?

I plan to visit Florence, Italy during May. I would be staying in the city for 3 days, visiting all the places that worth a visit, and do it in a cheap manner. So I wonder whether is there a "...
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