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Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport some 3 miles southwest of the centre of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA is an international airport.

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Minimum Layover Time for International Arrivals at Fort Lauderdale Intl. Airport

My family and I are returning home from Lima, Peru arriving at Washington D.C. (DCA). We had booked JetBlue, with flight numbers B6 1824 and B6 1280. B6 1824 was originally supposed to depart LIM ...
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Is a one hour and a half layover enough time to go through customs?

I’m flying from Detroit to Bucaramanga, Colombia, on Spirit Airlines. I'll have a 1½ hour layover in Fort Lauderdale. Is that enough time to get through customs? I purchased the tickets under the same ...
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International Transit at Fort Lauderdale on the way to Barranquilla, Colombia

I'm flying with Air Canada from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale arriving at 9:33 am, and the connecting flight with Spirit Airline departs at 11:30 am. Do I have enough time to pick up luggage and go ...
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Is a 60 minute layover at FLL with customs enough?

We are Australian and are going from New Orleans to Bogotá, with a layover at FLL (Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida). We are flying Spirit Airlines. From what I can see, Spirit Airlines is all from ...
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Going through security at Ft. Lauderdale on a connecting flight

This will be my first time traveling out of the country. We will have a layover of 45 mins in Fort Lauderdale before departing to Cancun. Will we have to go through security again in Fort Lauderdale ...
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Connecting between international flights at Miami (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

I have one query - I am Indian national and have valid USA visa B1/B2, and my flight from Georgetown (GEO) to Miami (MIA) is on BW-484 and connecting flight after 8.5hrs will be from Fort Lauderdale (...
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Will a 1-hour 47 minute layover in Fort Lauderdale be enough?

I'm booking a trip from Boston to Costa Rica with Jet Blue, and it includes a 1 hour 47 minutes layover at Fort Lauderdale. It's one of the cheaper flights and also gets me earlier to Costa Rica. ...
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Is a 65 minute layover in FLL with Customs long enough?

I will be flying from the Caribbean to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) on JetBlue. I have 65 minutes before my Southwest flight departs. I will have to go through Customs first ...
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Public transportation from the Ft. Lauderdale airport to the Miami airport

Is there public transportation from Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) to Miami International Airport? I would like to take Southwest Airlines from Tampa to Miami — the price is ...
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