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Questions tagged [flight-data]

For questions about historical flight data including flight departures and arrivals and flight numbers, and how to obtain it.

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Odd vs even flight numbers

Having traveled internationally a lot over the last 20 years, I've noticed that the flights from the airline's home country are usually odd numbered, while flights to home country are usually even ...
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Historical flight data outside of the USA?

The question Where can I find historical data on arrival and departure times of a particular flight? only deals with flights in the US sourced from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics . Is there ...
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3 votes
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Historic flight altitude data? [closed]

I am working on a project for school, and I am trying to find past flight data concerning the altitude of the aircraft over the duration of the flight. This will then be used to identify contrails in ...
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Where can I find data on either aircraft movement or passenger traffic for airports around the world?

I'm trying to do a research project on flights between cities. I need data on total passenger traffic for each airport. It's relatively easy to get this in the US - both the Bureau of Transportation ...
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Is there a way to track historical averages of flight costs? [duplicate]

Covid-19 has shaken up the flight industry, and I noticed some flights to far off tourist destinations that seem like great deals, e.g. US to Italy for $1000 round trip. If they are so good, I'd like ...
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App for tracking trips

I'm looking for an app to record my travels. I mainly only want to note flights, with details such as flight number and aircraft. It'd be nice if I got statistics about my travels (such as miles ...
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Historic flight date from 2001 [duplicate]

I am trying to find details of an Uzbekistan Airways flight from Tashkent to London on September 11th 2001. I believe it took off in the morning and landed in the afternoon but I need to know the ...
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Where can I get Heathrow Airport passenger check-in times data and/or lounge entry data?

I want to find out the average time between Passenger Airport check-in and their corresponding Lounge entry, to get an idea of the time spent between these two events.
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What API can I use to get a list of all flights arriving in a given airport on a specific day?

I am looking for an API that will provide me with a list of possible origins for a given destination within a certain time frame. For example, if I want to know all flights arriving in London on a ...
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How can I find the N number of an old flight? [duplicate]

I want to know a FREE way I can find the N number of a flight. I want to know the N number of UAL 2258 from June 19, 2021.
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