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Questions about visiting these long narrow inlets surrounded by steep cliffs. Primarily in Greenland, Iceland and Norway.

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Best season for Norway fjords cruise?

My spouse and I are planning a trip, probably with the Hurtigruten ferry/cruise line), and thinking about when to go. We'd like a good chance of seeing the aurora, but also enough light hours to see ...
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Can you see Fjords from Bergen as a day trip without a car?

I gather a great way to see a lot of the Norwegian Fjords is to head to Bergen, and take cruise from there over several days. I'm pondering a much shorter trip (and hopefully much cheaper too!) to ...
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Visit the Norwegian fjords or other attractions when landing in Haugesund

The airport of Haugesund is currently served by some low cost companies; I tried to discover some attractions of that area but on the guides I only found some lines about the city of Stavanger and ...
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Iceland - Visiting fjords from Reykjavík in 1 day

We're travelling to Iceland early May this year. Our accommodation will be in Reykjavík, but we would like to see the fjords in the north as well (around Ísafjörður). According to Google Maps, it's ...
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How to see the Norwegian fjords [closed]

I am currently working in The Hague area of the Netherlands. This summer is too cold to spend weekends on the beach, so I've decided to spend 3-4 days seeing the Norwegian fjords instead. I ...
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Are there ferry companies that visit the Norwegian fjords?

I'm interested in visiting Norway's fjords via a round-trip ferry out of Oslo. Are there companies that do this?
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