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Questions tagged [finnish-citizens]

For questions specifically about people travelling with Finnish passports.

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e-Visa or visa on arrival eligibility for cruise passengers in Sri Lanka

A Finnish citizen friend of mine will be stopping in Sri Lanka at the ports of Colombo and Hambantota (back to back, but on separate days, boarding the cruise ship to sail between the two) and is ...
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Collecting baggage when transiting & quarantine rules [closed]

I'm arriving to the London Gatwick Airport to change plane when returning from Canary Islands. However, I will be self connecting the flights so I will need to pick up the luggage myself, and then ...
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How to get from Rovaniemi to Trondheim under the corona crisis? [duplicate]

How does one get from Rovaniemi, Finland, to Trondheim, Norway, without a car? Finnish citizen residing permanently Norway, with pictures of relevant documents and a passport at hand. Not in a ...
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Northern Cyprus with an EU Identity card

According to the foreign ministry of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, EU citizens are able to enter Northern Cyprus using their identity cards. However at the bottom it says that to enter ...
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In what ways are Åland Islands passports different from other Finnish passports?

People in the Åland Islands are citizens of Finland, and the islands are part of the EU, but Wikipedia page on Finnish passports says that the residents of the islands have different passports than ...
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Can I enter the USA, visit Canada return to the US when the whole trip is more than 90 days?

I'm a Finnish citizen and, first, I will spend 10 days in the US, visiting my sister. I'll fly to Canada for my exchange studies and be there for 3.5 months (I have an ETa). I have a flight back to ...
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I am a Finnish citizen very soon travelling from Helsinki to Montreal, Canada (No transit through USA) on a tourist visa and staying inside Canada for four months. From Canada I travel to Hawaii and ...
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Seattle to Vancouver - few days trip [closed]

We are planning to travel to Seattle (as an EU citizen, we are from Finland and our passports are from here) and stay about 2 weeks. We are also planning to rent a car. Since Vancouver is nearby we ...
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Travel with a Finnish and a Pakistani Passport

I have got Finnish citizenship a few years ago. Before I was a pakistani national. Finland does not allow dual citizenship. I want to travel to Pakistan via Musqat with my Finnish passport and want ...
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Is it possible to get the Cuban tourist card (visa) on arrival at Havana Airport?

Is it mandatory to obtain the Cuban tourist card / visa (tarjeta turística) in advance? Or is it possible to get it upon arrival (at Havana airport) too? If the latter is possible, is there a ...
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