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A Nordic country of 5.4 million inhabitants, situated in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe.

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How can I get to Iceland on a cargo ship?

Planning a low budget and environment friendly trip to Iceland from Helsinki, Finland next summer for me and my friend. Haven't been able to find relevant information on possibility for cargo travel (...
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Are foreign drivers liable to pay fines proportional to their income when committing driving-related violations in Finland?

In Finland, there is a peculiar system (päiväsakko/dagsböter/day-fines) where drivers who commit violations on the road (such as speeding) are punished with a fine proportional to their income. Does ...
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Prepaid SIM card for data in UK, France, and Finland

I want to buy a SIM card with prepaid data plan in UK. I will travel around France and Finland. I'm staying for less than a month, and I expect to use <250 MB. It seems that most plans don't allow ...
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Will I be fined or arrested transferring through Finland with expired Schengen visa? [closed]

I'm a Chinese student studying in Sweden. My visa extension was rejected by the Swedish migration office, and because of this I will leave for China within a month. However, I had no idea about a ...
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Can I leave the Schengen area from another country other than the one I issued the visa from?

I have a Spanish visa type D for 115 days. I will spend the last week of my visa with a friend in Finland. Is it ok to return to my country from Finland directly or do I have to return to Spain first ...
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How to get from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport into Helsinki city centre?

How to get from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport into Helsinki city centre quickly and without paying too much for it? Bonus question: how about if the flight arrives in the wee hours (say, at 03:00 am)?
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Can I take trains in Finland even if it shows sold out?

I'll travel in Finland using my Interrail card but when I check the trains schedule I find all sold out! What should I do? Can I go and take the train anyway?
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Feeling the spirit of Helsinki, where?

When I visit a city, besides visiting the main tourist attractions, I usually like to see some places that can make me feel the true spirit of the place I'm visiting. As an example, if you visit Pisa ...
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Which Cities In Finland (if any) Have a Medieval Architecture?

When I visited Helsinki, it was arguably the most avant-garde capital in Europe. That's because it had been founded in the late Middle Ages, and apparently had been partially rebuilt even later (after ...
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Need fast mobile internet while in Finland for 1 month

I need a data plan while in Finland for a month later this year. I'm going to ask for loaner cell phone and laptop from my work. I was thinking of asking for a GSM iPhone and Mac Book Pro. Then ...
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Is it possible to reach Inari from Ivalo with public transport?

This is part of a series of question on public transport in Finland. It has been suggested by a mod that I ask separate questions for each location I intend to visit. I intend to see the Midnight Sun,...
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Aurora Borealis in Oulu

I am planning to go to Oulu in February for 4 days. What are the chances of seeing Aurora Borealis and are there some tours available? Would there be a significantly better chance of seeing the ...
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What is the quickest way to get from Portugal to Finland by car? [closed]

My family and I want to travel from Portugal to Finland. Since my daughter is afraid of planes, we need to go by car. We want to make at least 1 layover somewhere. How should we drive to get there as ...
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