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For questions specifically about people travelling with Fijian passports.

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Travel to Bhutan Through Bangkok Airport Transit

My Question is I am Travelling to Paro, Bhutan through Bangkok, The flight arrives into Bangkok at 22.10 on 19/08/19 and out of Bangkok to Paro, Bhutan is at 6.30am on 20/08/19. bangkok - Bhutan is ...
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Do I need aTransit visa for UK to Sweden even if I have a USA and Australia visa [duplicate]

I am a Fiji national with a multiple entry schengen visa travelling to Sweden this weekend.I am travelling via Los Angeles with a USA visa and London to Sweden. I also have a multiple entry Australian ...
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Transiting Amsterdam with single entry Schengen visa for Norway? [duplicate]

I hold a Fiji Passport and I have obtained a Schengen Visa for Norway. It is a short stay visa and is for single entry only. I will be transiting Amsterdam while going to Norway; will my Schengen ...
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Does a Fijian need a transit visa for layover in Dubai? [duplicate]

I am traveling from Madrid, Spain to Brisbane, Australia with Emirates Airline with a 3 hour transit in Dubai. I am on a Fiji passport and wanted to know if a transit visa will be required for Dubai ...
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