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The Faroe Islands / Føroyar / Færøerne, an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean approximately equidistant from Norway, Iceland and Great Britain.

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3 answers

Will I get a Schengen entry stamp when leaving Andorra or Faroe Islands?

I (U.S.A. citizen) currently have a Dutch residence permit for purpose of family reunion. When my sponsoring family member will leave the Netherlands later this year, I will also have to turn in my ...
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Ferrying Icelandic rental car vs renting on Faroe Islands

My trip starts and ends in Iceland, I'm considering the option of ferrying an Icelandic rental car across to the Faroe Islands (vs dropping off and renting another one on the Faroe Islands). Smyril ...
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Is free camping permitted in the Faroe Islands?

I'm planning to go to the Faroe Islands next August after visiting Iceland. I was wondering if camping out in the wild is permitted anywhere in the Faroe Islands. I don't mind about the costs, but I ...
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12 votes
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How busy are the Faroe Islands during summer compared to Iceland?

Having been to Iceland a few times, I know how extremely busy it can get in the summer, especially in the south. Last summer I was in Greenland and I really enjoyed the absence of mass tourism. How ...
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Is hitchhiking permitted in the Faroe Islands?

I'm planning to go to the Faroe Islands next August after visiting Iceland. I was wondering if hitchhiking is permitted anywhere in the Faroe Islands. I've checked the hitchwiki website, but it doesn'...
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Travel to Faroe Island by cargo ship

A while ago I met a person who claimed to have traveled from Denmark to Faroe Island on a cargo ship. Is this really possible? How could I find a ship that could host me?
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Cheap way of flying from mainland Europe to the Faroe Islands?

A solar eclipse is scheduled to pass over the Faroe Islands and this seems like an excellent chance to visit. What is a cheap way of flying there from mainland Europe? Kayak seems to only find ...
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How to get from the Faroe Islands to the Shetland Islands

How do I get from the Faroe Islands to the Shetland Islands or the other way round? Is there anything besides a flight via Scotland?
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Can I bring a butane/propane bottle on the MS Norröna ferry?

Can I bring a small camping fuel bottle (such as Primus Power gas) on the Smyril Line ferry MS Norröna between Hirtshals, Tórshavn, and Seyðisfjörður? I find conflicting information on the Smyril ...
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Tax-free shopping in Faroe Islands

It says here that any non-Faroe-Islands residents can calim back VAT on purchases over 300DKK in the Faroe islands. Is this likely to apply to purchases of anything to which VAT is applied (e.g. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is there an ATM at or near Vágar Airport?

When we arrive at Vágar Airport (FAE), will there be an ATM in the airport? (If not), what about the nearby town of Sørvágur?
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1 answer

How late (and early) in the year can you see the Northern Lights from the Faroe Islands?

In the summer in the far north, the Northern Lights become hard to see because the sun is up all of the time. If I am traveling to the Faroe Islands, at what point in the year does it become light ...
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Travel from the United States to Faroe Islands [closed]

The Faroe Islands opened travel for holiday in April 2021. As long as one is vaccinated, there is no quarantine requirement, but still have to be tested for Covid prior to leaving and when you land. ...
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Where can I exchange a Faroese crown bank note? [duplicate]

I live in London and would like to sell a 200 kr. Faroe Islands banknote. This should be worth about £20 by the way. I learn the currency is equivalent to Danish crowns, but none of the UK banks will ...
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