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Questions tagged [family]

Travelling with your significant other and/or children, parents, cousins, in-laws or pets. For some more specific tags (to be preferred) see `tag info`.

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Seeing ticket allocation before paying on Nightjet

I am booking for a family of 5 to travel on a NightJet service Amsterdam-Munich. There are limited options available (no couchettes and no option to book whole compartment). I am happy to book the 3-...
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Extended Schengen holiday with non-EU spouse of EU citizen not resident in EU

I'm an Australian and Italian (EU) citizen and my wife is a citizen of the Philippines. We are living together in Australia. We'd like to have an extended holiday (lets say 6 months) exploring the ...
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Family permit unmarried partner

I just got a 6 months EU family member visa to the UK. We will be going to the UK in October for a month, but my partner will leave early because he needs to go back to work. Will this affect me when ...
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Can you rely on a Schengen visa to be granted on the spot at the border?

As I mentioned in another question, my wife applied for a residence card (but that takes a long time, at least in Italy) and her Schengen visa expired. For this reason I was now considering if there ...
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Do I need multiple copies of documents if we as a group are visiting Netherlands?

I (Indian) plan to visit Europe for tourism along with 3 family members. So, we have booked all the hotel reservations, flight tickets and train tickets together. Since our first entry country is the ...
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How to proceed with applying for UK Standard Visitor Visa for my family if primary is applying later

Me and my family are planning on taking a vacation to the UK soon (end of June '19). Two of my children are US citizens so they do not need visas, but me, my wife, and my oldest son are all Indian ...
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I hope that can I get family reunion visa for Germany after I'm banned from Slovenia for six months because of expired passport while going to Austria

I am a Nigerian. I live in Croatia and my wife, a Croatia citizen, lives and works in Germany. Recently I was caught with my expired passport by Slovenia police while going to Austria to renew my ...
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Dubai Terminal 3

Hi I am arriving into Dubai on an emirates 777 flight from Newcastle and connecting onto an Emirates A380 flight to singapore. I am just wondering how long the connection time would be (travelling ...
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