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Expired US passport - dual citizenship

I am dual citizen currently outside the US (living in my other country of citizenship). I am coming to the US for a week with my expired US passport (I know about the exemptions to enter the US with ...
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Domestic US flights with expired passport

My passport will expire soon and to get a new one I must go back to my home country, which I plan to do in few months. I have a valid Visa until 2023. I would like to travel within the US before going ...
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Flying with expired passport from Australia to Israel

We live in Australia (not citizens yet, only permanent residents) and plan to fly to Israel (we are Israeli citizens) with Emirates. Unfortunately our kids passports are expired and Israel embassy are ...
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Renewal of minor's Indian passport

I am in USA and my son's indian passport expires in a week what should I do to renew it?..If i apply by VFS which would take 3- 6 weeks time to process will it affect his stay? Or will applying on ...
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Travel to Japan - child expired Japanese passport but valid EU passport

We are to travel to Japan tomorrow with Finnair. However, today we noticed that the Japanese passport of one of our children (6 years old) expired a few months ago. The embassy is unable to issue an ...
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