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My Italian passport has expired - can I still enter the country using a different passport?

I'm travelling to Italy next month for a wedding. I am lucky enough to have two passports. My Italian passport has expired and although I've been trying to get an appointment to renew my passport for ...
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Travelling on passport that has 1.5 months left

I was supposed to get a new passport last week but it turns out they have delayed it for 1 month, while I booked tickets for next weekend. I am travelling from the UK to Saudi Arabia with a layover in ...
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Indian national travelling to UK with ricevuta and expired permesso di soggiorno

I am an Indian national and I had a 2-year UK multiple-entry visa, which expired last month. Now I have to travel to the UK in July for an academic ceremony. I will apply for a UK visa again. But my ...
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What can I do with less than 5000 expiring Hilton Honors points?

I have a couple of thousand Hilton Honors points expiring in July. I virtually never stay in Hiltons and have no plans to do so before or after July, so I'd prefer to just clear out my balance and be ...
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Travel with expired passport

I’ll be travelling from Australia to Germany in February and my German passport expired in October 2022. I’m a German citizen and hold no other valid passport. I called the German embassy and I’m ...
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Indonesian Passport - Travelling to Hong Kong close to the six-month expiration date

My passport will expire on November 11, 2024. If I enter HK on May 1st, leave HK on May 7th, and enter Jakarta the next day, will this be an issue? Thank you.
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22 votes
2 answers

Does any passport never expire?

While filling the booking form on, I noticed that below the passport/ID expiration date there is a box "No expiration" that can be checked. See screenshot here: This made me wonder:...
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Can I apply for Spain Schengen visa after my J1 visa expired? [duplicate]

I am from Turkey and I am currently in Usa in Work&Travel program. My J1 visa expired on 22 Sept and my grace period started which ends on 22 Oct. I want to go to Spain to visit some friends ...
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Can I go back to my home country (Malaysia) with less than 1 month validity on my passport?

My passport is expiring in one month and I am now planning to go back to my country, Malaysia. Can I travel back to my country with 1 month validity left on my passport? Should I take a direct flight ...
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Passport Expires in 3 months. Can we extend stay?

My wife's passport expires in 3 months and she didn't know about the rule that you can't fly to Europe if it expires within 3 months. We shortened her stay by a few days to accommodate this. My ...
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Can my kid fly with an expired passport domestically within USA?

I have a valid state ID card, but my kid's passport expired and we are actually flying to a city where a consulate/embassy exists to collect his new passport. Can my kid fly with an expired passport ...
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Expired Iranian passport with Canadian PR Card wanted to fly from Toronto to Tehran Iran [duplicate]

My wife Iranian citizen with Canadian Permanent Residence Card wanted to fly to Iran with Iranian passport expired on January 8, 2023. Is it possible to travel to iran and which airlines allow it. In ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Can I fly from the US to Iran with an expired Iranian passport?

I am originally Persian, born and raised in Iran. I am on a Green card here in the USA and want to go back home, but my Iranian passport has expired. Qatar Airways has a cheap, good flight that I want ...
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Does Kosovo accept a national French ID whose expiry date on the card has passed, but in fact is not expired, for land entries?

My French national ID card has an expiry date on the card in May 2018. However, France extended the validity of this card from 10 to 15 years, which means my French national ID card is valid till May ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Lost passport two weeks ago deboarding in UK

My wife and I flew from Marrakech to London Gatwick on the easyJet airline and we got to Gatwick and then realised that my expired Moroccan passport containing my I.L.R stamp inside along with my ...
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2 answers

French/US citizen traveling on expired passport

My daughter is a US and French citizen. We leave in a couple of days for France and realized her passports for both countries are expired. We are going from the US to France. She has her National ID ...
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Can I fly with an expired passport within Spain?

I am a Spanish resident (with Spanish nationality) and I want to travel from one city to another in Spain by flight. I have lost my identity document (DNI). I do have a copy of a valid DNI, but its ...
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I’m a foreigner with an expired passport which has my valid visa. Can I take a domestic flight in the US if I don’t have any other ID?

I’m travelling from Rochester to Boston. My passport has expired and I do not have any state ID. Can I still travel with the expired passport but valid visa?
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4 answers

Expired US passport - dual citizenship

I am dual citizen currently outside the US (living in my other country of citizenship). I am coming to the US for a week with my expired US passport (I know about the exemptions to enter the US with ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Domestic US flights with expired passport

My passport will expire soon and to get a new one I must go back to my home country, which I plan to do in few months. I have a valid Visa until 2023. I would like to travel within the US before going ...
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1 answer

Flying with expired passport from Australia to Israel

We live in Australia (not citizens yet, only permanent residents) and plan to fly to Israel (we are Israeli citizens) with Emirates. Unfortunately our kids passports are expired and Israel embassy are ...
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Renewal of minor's Indian passport from the US?

I am in the USA and my son's Indian passport expires in a week. What should I do to renew it? If I apply through VFS, which would take 3-6 weeks to process, will it affect his stay? Or would applying ...
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3 answers

Travel to Japan - child expired Japanese passport but valid EU passport

We are to travel to Japan tomorrow with Finnair. However, today we noticed that the Japanese passport of one of our children (6 years old) expired a few months ago. The embassy is unable to issue an ...
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Received UK landing stamp in an expired passport: Should we apply for correction?

My wife and my son have UK visas in previous passports, and traveled to the UK in August with both passports. My wife has the landing stamp in her new passport, with a note saying VIPP, as expected. ...
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